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Your Waifu Is Trash: Top 20 Waifus of 2019

Your Waifu Is Trash: Top 20 Waifus of 2019

Did your waifu make the Top 20 list of 2019? Who is she? Is she trash? Is she the beauty of your hometown? We all have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to best girls. But as a community we can all agree that there is typically only one extraordinary girl who we deem better than best girl. Or they can be both! But remember…

She T H I C C

Source: Rikka Takarada – “SSSS.Gridman”

She P R O T E C C

Source: Zero Two – “Darling in the Franxx”

But most importantly, SHE P E R F E C C!

Source: Mai Sakurajima – “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai”

Don’t forget your beloved 2018 waifus listed above – Rikka, Zero Two, and Mai. They’ve had their time and have to pass on (more like SHARE) the title of Waifu. Without further ado, just before 2020 comes around the corner, here is the 2019 list of waifus you all know and love!

20. Froppy & Uravity

Source: Tsuyu Asui – “Boku no Hero Academia”

You can’t really choose between the two, now can you? Especially with the series starting off with Tsuyu Asui and Ochako Uraraka of the Boku no Hero Academia’s season 4 along with Deku and Red Riot from Class 1-A!

Source: Ochako Uraraka – “Boku no Hero Academia”

Cheer on these two potential waifus of the future as they grow and develop to become the greatest heroes they desire to be!

19. The Dessert You’d Wanna Eat (Out)

Source: Charlotte Pudding – “One Piece”

Okay, she may be a little psychotic but what tsundere isn’t? Whole Cake island was drawn out so long, who would’ve ever guessed when that fight between Luffy and Katakuri would end? NO ONE. But it’s done as the Wano arc takes over.

Source: Charlotte Pudding – “One Piece”

But the star of Whole Cake? None other than Charlotte Pudding, a daughter of Big Mom, who was abused and tormented as a child for her hideous third eye. Until she meets Sanji and becomes both the loving tsundere and sweet heart she really is.

18. You Wouldn’t Want To Bet Against Her

Source: Yumeko Jabami – “Kakegurui xx”

Trust me when I say that half of these waifus are crazy. Of them all, Yumeko Jabami might be the worst as all she ever cares about is gambling. The adrenaline junkie feeds off of bets and disregards money as anything but betting chips and tools.

Source: Yumeko Jabami – “Kakegurui xx”

However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a potential waifu. So as long as you’re up for constantly betting your life and limbs and whatever you got on the line, she’ll love you forever!

17. Space Idol

Before anything, put your hands together for the amazing Shinichiro Watanabe (creator of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and others) for creating a beautiful series that showcased his developed artwork and choice of voice actors. Carole and Tuesday both bring so much to the table as talented artists and quirky girls. Perfect waifus.

Source: Carole and Tuesday – “Carole and Tuesday”

Here’s a sample of their original song, The Loneliest Girl. Sometimes, words just can’t express how much effort was put into an anime until you watch and listen (although, a runner up to songs in a music anime has to go to given when Mafuyu Sato sings his heart out; link of that song will be at the end of the article).

But let’s be real now, the REAL stars were the Mermaid Sisters and their outstanding performance. You may want to turn up the volume for this one! Heh.

16. I Ain’t Sayin’ She A Gold Digger

Shigure isn’t really a gold digger, but instead profits from “lost” weapons from bar fights and actual fights that Genzo Shibata hosts and participates in with the rest of the village. She may seem innocent, but she’s pretty sly and capable of taking care of herself.

Source: Shigure – “Kemono Michi: Rise Up”

C’mon now, let your inner furry go all out. You know you want to. She’s as adorable as the remaining of her companions that Genzo take in as his love for furries trumps all.

Source: Shigure – “Kemono Michi: Rise Up”

15. Legal Loli Alert!

Source: Milim Nava – “That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime”

Yes. She is legal. But you might not be! Milim Nava is the oldest of the demon lords and can whip your butt so hard into next year, you’d be watching the following season of this series. She’s cute, sexy, not that intellectual, but can pack a punch.

Source: Milim Nava – “That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime”

And. Dat. BOOTY. MMMM!

14. So Hot, She’ll Melt Your Popsicle

Source: Tamaki Kotatsu – “Fire Force”

Tamaki Kotatsu. Don’t forget her name. She may not be as buff as Maki Oze, but she is the total bae and fanservice of Fire Force’s Company 8 (when she joins them). She’s a ditz. She’s a hellish fire cat. And the best part?

Source: Tamaki Kotatsu – “Fire Force”

The accidental trips, falls, etc. she finds herself in strips her off her own clothes (which is almost non-existent if you really want to think about it). This girl seems meek and weak, but she is a real spitfire. No pun intended.

13. Fisheyes

Source: Kohaku – “Dr. Stone”

Once you get past the fisheyes drawn and animated on every woman in Dr. Stone, you start to appreciate the ones that really matter like Kohaku. The first real waifu who can fend for herself and others. She literally protecc. She literally attacc.

Source: Kohaku – “Dr. Stone”

But most importantly, she literally also thicc as… fudge. You’re drawn to her as soon as she’s introduced in the series, and you can’t help but want more of her in fight scenes as well as fanservice. But because this is a show of science, expect only the former.

12. Loli-Big Boobs

Source: Hestia – “Danmachi”

Hestia, the beautiful and childish deity, is one Goddess you probably would want to look up to in the familia. If you don’t mind being broke all the time. Although she may be irresponsible at times, her intentions speak louder than words. She genuinely cares for anyone who follows her.

Source: Hestia – “Danmachi”

As for the childish part? Yeahhh, she’s quite needy and high maintenance. Although she doesn’t ask for much other than Bell’s undying love.

11. Pansy

Source: Sumireko Sanshokuin – “Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?”

Met Pansy? A.K.A – Sumireko Sanshokuin? Well, she is quite the dedicated and loyal waifu you could ever want. However, she’s also silently devious. But for good reasons and intentions. Maybe. Maybe. Okay, she might be a little obsessed but not to the point of being a tsundere or yandere.

Source: Bench-san – “Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?”

And more importantly… The dedication she has to have a bench be utilized in almost every situation that has gotten Amatsuyu Kisaragi into the most undesirable situations with the best girls of the series thus far. But of those best girls? Sanshokuin tops them all! Or the dreaded Bench

10. Tips, Tricks, and Tits

Source: Sempai – “Magical Girl Sempai”

Fanservice? Thick thighs? Big Boobs? A totally dedicated, lovable, dolt who loves magic tricks and performing but absolutely sucks at them? Meet Sempai! She can actually perform well when not under pressure. Her tricks are genuinely good, if they work out.

Source: Sempai – “Magical Girl Sempai”

You can’t beat her determination and dedication to the Magic Club. You have to protect her. And her one fang.

9. The Honda You Would Want Riding

Source: Tohru Honda – “Fruits Basket (2019)”

Don’t lewd this innocent, pure, and kind soul. Tohru Honda lost her mother unexpectedly, doesn’t have her father around, and is surrounded by an entire mysterious family who turn into their designated Zodiac signs went hugged by the opposite sex. So what makes Tohru special?

Source: Tohru Honda – “Fruits Basket (2019)”

Everything. Everything about her makes you want to protect that smile of hers. Everything about her makes you melt. She’s a hard worker who does her best for others even to the point of selflessness.

8. What Does The Fox Say?

Source: Senko-san – “The Helpful Fox Senko-San”

Another round for all of you furries! Senko-san is actually legal, but is much older than you think. On top of that, she’s a deity. And most importantly? She takes away all of your stress by doing all your chores, spoiling you in every way she can just so you can relax, and cooks the best food!

Source: Senko-san – “The Helpful Fox Senko-San”

So fluff that fluffy fluff (her fail) and enjoy her company as well as her doing all the housework for you. Feel all the stress and bad aura seep away from you. What kind of perfect waifu can replace her? No one.

7. The Astronomer

Source: Fumino Furuhashi – “BOKUBEN: We Never Learn”

Maybe you’re rooting for Rizu Ogata? Maybe Uruka Takemoto? Or you can be illegal and root for the teacher. But let’s be honest, Fumino Furuhashi is selfless and thinks of the former two’s feelings over her own. She supports Nariyuki Yuiga while the others seems to rely on Nariyuki instead.

Source: Fumino Furuhashi – “BOKUBEN: We Never Learn”

All of them are fairly lovely potential waifus. But can we for once give it up for the blue haired chick and not let that beautiful smile of hers be rejected like the others? Rem, Ichigo, Rui, etc. Don’t let Fumino become a part of the Reject Squad!

6. Speaking Of Blue Haired Waifus

Source: Megumi Tadokoro – “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma”

Food Wars has been running for awhile and is clearly almost at an end. And what best to have Megumi Tadokoro as the best waifu of all the women? No offense to Erina, but this meek yet competitive soul is a worthy waifu for anyone interested.

Source: Megumi Tadokoro – “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma”

She’s quite, but doesn’t go down without a fight. She’s shy, but loves to feed you whatever she prepares. And she’s perfect than you can imagine.

5. Love Is War, Love Is War, Love Is Warrrr~

Source: Kaguya Shinomiya – “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”

This was a difficult choice, but it’s pretty clear that one of the MC’s of in Love Is War is a clear waifu and her name is even worthy enough to be in the title of the series! Kaguya Shinomiya doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve, but it’s quite amusing to see her true emotions depicted in her mind or the background.

See Also

Source: Kaguya Shinomiya – “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”

She’s more sensitive than she puts out to be and cares more than you expect. Whether it’s for others or her own self. Either way, she almost makes you want to beg for mercy. In a good way.

4. Superior Version Of Bokuben

Source: Miku Nakano – “Quintessential Quintuplets”

Only because the tutor gets a set of five sisters who all look alike. But they’re all dumb in their own way. Regardless, it’s no question that Bokuben is still the same and no less worse really. Both are great series, and both with a number of potential waifus to choose from! Only similarity is that there seems to be a clear fan favorite for best waifu (Fumino being in Bokuben) and Miku Nakano amongst the quintuplets.

Source: Miku Nakano – “Quintessential Quintuplets”

Let’s get down to business – she clearly seems to be the most level-headed of them all, isn’t on any kind of extreme other than her love for history of feudal lords, and she’s distinct enough from her sisters as the one who seems to care about Futaro Uesugi. Although the other sisters are still top contenders, who do you root for?

3. She Ain’t A Racoon!

Source: Raphtalia – “The Rising of the Shield Hero”

Raphtalia is more of a dog-fox combo animal called a tanuki. It almost looks like a racoon, but it technically isn’t. Get your facts right! But despite all this, you’d still be in jail for loving this furry. She’s still underage you fools! But who cares, right?

Source: Raphtalia – “The Rising of the Shield Hero”

A WAIFU IS STILL A WAIFU! She seems matured enough to be able to handle herself unless intoxicated. Don’t you dare do anything funny to her! Don’t defile the loli!

2. I’m Gonna Get Yelled At For This

Source: Nezuko Kamado – “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

Everyone ADORES Nezuko Kamado. But here are some facts. (1) You’ve really little background on how she behaves as a human other than being selfless for utilizing her old, worn out kimono so that her siblings can have food. (2) You’ve heard her talk twice the entire show in the first episode and in the MASTERPIECE we all call episode 19. (3) Because the show is overhyped, you’re bound to bandwagon the loveable MC (until of course the Hashiras are introduced).

Source: Nezuko Kamado – “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

So despite that, you’re still going to vote for her as best waifu. Maybe even number one. Hold up though, number two is still pretty high on the list so don’t disregard that. Nezuko kicks butt, is quite the sleeping beauty (OF THEIR HOMETOWN), and has great self-control… when it comes to not eating you for your nutritious blood.

1.5 Drag, Baby, Drag!

Source: Mrs. Hudson – “Case File n221: Kabukicho”

The cross-dressing man known as Mrs. Hudson is… male. I’m not sorry. I just wanted to troll you guys and give Case File n221 a shoutout for its cleverness and tribute to the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

Source: Mrs. Hudson – “Case File n221: Kabukicho”

Although, Mrs. Hudson is quite the convincer. She might just change your mind~

1. YO YO YO~

Source: Fujiwara Chika – “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”

Ladies and gentleweebs, welcome the number waifu of 2019 – Fujiwara Chika! She fits all criteria of what a great waifu can and should be, grabbed some bandwagon-ers to the show after her catchy dance, and proved since episode one that she’s quite the adorable waifu.

Source: Fujiwara Chika – “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”

She has talent, charisma, the looks, a sense of wit, is sweet and more sympathetic at face value than her counter and best friend – Kaguya. This quirky waifu deserves the top spot if not interchangeable with any of the top 5 really. Let’s hope that 2020 has more in store for us than 2019 did and celebrate all these newly titled (trash) waifus we all know and love!


Honorable Mentions

The Support Healer

Source: Sicily von Claude – “The Wise Man’s Grandchild”

The Offensive Attacker

Source: Mikasa Ackerman – “Attack on Titan”

The Wagyu A5 Beef

Source: Emma – “The Promised Neverland”

Additional Honorable Mention: The Singer That Blew Everyone Away

Although Mafuyu Sato is MALE (I’m not stupid), given is one of those male-male relationships that does melt your heart just like Carole and Tuesday. But with GUYS. And rock bands. And a beautifully rendered song at the end of the series you’ve all been waiting for if you kept up with it on-going. If any of them would be designated waifu (husbando), it’d be this sad boy right here.

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