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You can buy a hand massager for gamers in Japan!

You can buy a hand massager for gamers in Japan!

Playing games online is a favorite pastime of many people in Japan and everywhere else around the world. Joining online communities, meeting up with friends, and engaging in any type of game is generally a fun way to entertain oneself.

What’s so addictive about it though?

Could it be the gorgeous visuals that companies spend millions of dollars on to appease the eyes? The highs of winning a long and difficult fight? The feeling of belonging to an online group that shares similar interests to you? 

Whatever it is, gaming is something that always starts off being a ‘quick’ activity but always ends up being hours of fun.

Physical Stress from Gaming

Now, what you may notice when you’ve done a super long session is that your body feels a little…sore? Sitting stiffly in one position for hours whilst only moving certain parts of your body can definitely cause stress on specific areas including the neck, the shoulders, and the back.

In particular, your hands, which may have gotten mad exercise from the past few hours, might feel quite stiff and painful! Your pain may even develop into what is known as Gamer’s Thumb or repetitive wrist strain injury.

The aforementioned is, obviously, one of the more extreme cases, and more common in professional gaming than it is in casual gaming (as most of us are!) but one company has taken the care to develop a product for everyone: the gamer’s hand massager.

Bauhutte’s New Gadget

Bauhutte is famous in the industry for developing unique products that address gamers’ needs that they never really knew they needed. They include the gaming blanket with arm sleeves and the gaming bed, equipped with a monitor and peripheral stand, snack draw, and ramen cup holders.

The newly announced gamer’s hand massager, called the MSG-01H-BK Hand Massager, is a company mechanism that can slot easily onto your desk next to your keyboard. Its design is ambidextrous, meaning it can be used on your left and right hand equally.

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How it works is that once switched on, airbags will massage each of your fingers individually, whilst a “shiatsu plate” will apply tension-releasing pressure onto your palm. If you’d like, there is also an additional heating function that can be switched on to further relax your hand.

As it does take a little time for your hands to start feeling the effects, there are certain periods that are suggested for you to engage this hand massager. For example, making it a habit to switch it on as a pre-gaming ritual to warm up your fingers is a good idea. You can also take a break in the middle of a session (between matches, after death) to improve your blood circulation and counter any stiffness.

You can switch off the massager at any time, but it will automatically switch off after 10-minutes of use. The minimalist design is stunning and yet you will see buttons spread out across the top which easily allows you to adjust the strength of the massage, turn the heater on or off, and even switch from a full-hand massage to just a massage for the fingers!

Honestly, this product is exactly why people believe Japan is living in the future. The idea is so basic and yet it actually seems like a fantastic addition to any gamer’s setup! Why have hand cramps when you can simply massage them out after every session?

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