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Yandere Simulator x BITC Crossover Announced

Yandere Simulator x BITC Crossover Announced

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On June 14th, 2020, BITC officially announced a character crossover event featuring Yandere Chan from Yandere Simulator!

The official details of this crossover are still unknown at this time, however looking at previous crossovers can give us a glimpse into the potential timeline for the event.

Estimated Timeline

This announcement comes just 6 months after Yandere Simulator announced a crossover with another H-game known as ProjectQT.

Based on the timing of the previous announcement, we could potentially see a Yandere Event for BITC within the next 3 months.

Other Info / Sources

An announcement was posted on a Chinese Facebook fan page for an H-game website.

The translation from Facebook reads:

[announcement][opie in the city] City’s Opie x sickel simulator furious cross-border collaboration teaser!

Seniors, look at me doing great 
Hey, senior, who are you talking to?
Senior, who is this ugly bitch?
Seniors… long?

“Seniors… you love me 

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The Advent of the sick sauce…… stay tuned

Yandere x BITC crossover

What is BITC?

BITC (or “Oppai” in the City), is a water gun shooting game where players can shoot girls with water guns. Of course, this game also features 18+ features that we can’t discuss or show here.


BITC is available for Android and Desktop.

You can learn more about the project here. (18+)

Update 6/24/2020: Official Announcement

YandereDev officially confirmed the crossover in an announcement on his development blog here.

He also posted a hilarious video announcement for the crossover to his YouTube channel!

Disclaimer: The content of this game is intended for adults only. 

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