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Yandere Simulator is Finally Coming Out, Here’s the Details!

Yandere Simulator is Finally Coming Out, Here’s the Details!

After almost seven years in development, Yandere Simulator might soon release.

YandereDev, the developer of the game, posted a progress report on his personal blog where he explains that the game’s main story is almost complete. He goes on to say that there are a few more days left of work for the game to be considered complete.

The developer comes on to say that he’s going to start working on an announcement video, but it might not come out until late September.

Old 4Chan Idea

For those who may have forgotten or not in the know, Yandere Simulator started off as an idea in a 4Chan in 2014 where players take control of Ayano Aishi, a crazed girl in love (a yandere) who attends a stereotypical Japanese high school. Ayano has a crush on a boy known simply as Senpai, but she feels threatened by potential rivals who might steal him away.

As Ayano, players have to stealthily get rid of their rivals by getting them expelled, killing them, kidnapping them, or selling them to human traffickers. As you can see, this game has a very dark sense of humor, and unsurprisingly, has been subjected to a lot of controversy and jokes over the years.

During its production, the game was banned on Twitch in 2016 for its adult nature and the game’s code being a mess.

Playthrough Endings

In the update, YandereDev explains in detail how a person’s playthrough will end, but doesn’t spoil anything. Essentially, the ending will be a series of cutscenes that change depending on actions taken in the game. The game keeps track of a bunch of information to facilitate the right ending and players are now privy to this thanks to a recently added feature.

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A new “Stats” screen is available that lists the factors which affect the game’s ending. Factors include how a rival was eliminated, how many friends a player has, how many times the police have visited the school, and more. These are also things that can happen in-game, and with this much complexity occurring, it’s easy to see why this game took so long.

The game also comes with a special S+ Rank which is obtained by meeting specific criteria although YandereDev doesn’t say what they are exactly.

End of the Road

YandereDev states that he has a few things to work on, but doesn’t plan on delaying the game anymore. He plans on adding more music and voiced lines, as well as getting rid of any remaining bugs. Testing is complete according to him, and there shouldn’t be any major problems.

Currently, preview images of the game are going to be posted until the day the 10 Rivals Update is released. These previews will be a blurry in-game screenshot or a silhouette. Images of the characters are on the game’s website, but they may have changed since being posted.

A free demo is available for download from the Yandere Simulator website and only for Windows PC. YandereDev says he’ll consider exporting to Mac and Linux once the full game is released. And as for console versions, it seems that will be an even bigger hurdle.

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