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Yandere Simulator, AnimeCoin, and AnimeExpo 2018 Recap

Yandere Simulator, AnimeCoin, and AnimeExpo 2018 Recap

Anime Expo 2018 was a huge blast! We met so many great people and had a blast with our friends.

If you missed our booth, then you missed the most epic times selling carabiners and the most random, non-anime related things!

**Sponsor Disclosure**

Shout out to our sponsors this year: One Piece One Million Fans, Yandere Simulator, Cyber Threat, Waifu for Laifu, Kinetic Love Days, TinyWars and AnimeCoin.

Shout out to our artists who helped us along the way: Christian Angel, Collateral Damage Studios, Ayasal

Yandere Simulator Meetup

Yandere Simulator is an epic Indie Game played by PewDiePie and some of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube.

Fans showed up dressed as the game’s characters and posed for photos.

AnimeWorld supplied free Yandere Simulator posters to those who attended the meetup dressed as Yandere Chan (Ayano Aishi).

Fans literally lined up to get their posters signed by the developer, YandereDev, himself!

Bijuu Mike at the Yandere Simulator Meetup

Bijuu Mike, a famous gaming YouTuber showed up at the Yandere Simulator meetup this year. (He also made a visit to the AnimeWorld booth prior).

Bijuu Mike has 1.4 Million YouTube Subscribers.

Bijuu Mike and YandereDev pose with a Signed Poster

The meetup was a great success and everyone had a great time enjoying AX until the very last hours!

Super Secret Dinner Party by Kinetic Love Days

Our awesome sponsors, Kinetic Love Days, hosted an epic dinner party complete with free food and drink tickets!

Kinetic Love Days is owned by Weapons Grade Waifus. These guys sell epic tactical anime girl patches, check out their website.

Christian Angel Selling Our Posters

Christian Angel, the artist for our Yandere Simulator poster design, is selling our posters both at AX and at future events.

Christian Angel is known for his epic, painting-like digital art style. It’s really a treat to see his artwork.

See Also

It’s unlike anything you see in the modern digital art culture. Truly AAA quality.

Be sure to follow his social media and check out his future guest showings!

AnimeCoin at Anime Expo

Stephen from AnimeCoin made a visit to our booth at Anime Expo.

You can learn more about AnimeCoin here.

Anime Expo 2018 was HUGE!

As expected, this year’s anime expo hosted a swarm of people, but unlike last year, this year’s line management seemed to be much better.

Anime Expo 2018 featured faster security checks and a new badge scanning system which really sped things up.

…Though the staff running the show are still as grumpy and unhappy as every year! (Anime Expo is not a sponsor and we freely express our concern with convention staff.)

Overall AnimeExpo 2018 was a blast! 

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