What Kind of Harem Protagonist are You?

When it comes to girls, how would you describe yourself?

A super cute girl greets you. What's your first thought?

You just found yourself in a lucky “accident” *wink wink* situation. How will you deal with it?

On a regular day, how many women do you interact with? (Besides your Mom or family)

You just realized that some of your female friends spend a LOT of time with you for being just "friends", what will you do?

She just confessed her love to you... What will you do?

When you try to get girls do you go rogue or are you more direct with your intentions?

Do you wish you were the main character of a harem anime?

What Kind of Harem Protagonist are You?
Harem King

"HAREM IS LIFE!" That's your motto and you long for the embrace of your countless waifus. You don't really care about contributing to the world when you can be with many lovely women of your choice!
Oblivious Harem Protagonist

You are damn clueless what's going on around you. (Which usually never happens in real life unless you're really just a dweeb... So you're probably lying in your answers) But your harem is frustrated about you, they keep on trying to awaken your inner Harem King while, lots of other guys feel envy and anger towards you.
"Unwanted Harem" Dude

It is not that you don't like the idea of a harem or oblivious to other people's feelings. It is just that there are things needs more attention than building a harem, like video games, bro time, or maybe even changing the world or starting your own company. You have other things on your mind of course!

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