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VOTE NOW for the Final Smash Bros Ultimate Character! (Fan Vote)

VOTE NOW for the Final Smash Bros Ultimate Character! (Fan Vote)

After three long years, the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is upon us.

The reveal is set for October 5, and fans have gone crazy trying to figure out who will get the coveted white envelope with the wax seal. We’ve had some crazy guest characters like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, Kazuya from Tekken, and Joker from Persona 5.

While we wait, let’s have some fun and speculate who will be the final Smash Ultimate character. Choose the one you think is the most likely. I’ll participate and give my opinion on how good their chances are.

My Opinion

I think the most likely character is Crash Bandicoot.

Crash has a diverse move set that lends itself well to Smash Ultimate and he’s risen in popularity recently due to remakes and a new game. Moreover, he’s a beloved character. Crash would also be one of the few Western characters, alongside Banjo & Kazooie and Steve/Alex. He has the best chance.

Below Crash would be a Generation 8 Pokemon, probably Rillaboom for the grass starter representation. Same reasons as Crash: tons of moves, recent game, and a favorite among fans. Sora would be perfect, but because he’s co-owned by Disney, it will never happen. I can’t see Disney cooperating.

See Also

Waluigi is already in the game as a trophy and I can’t see the developers doubling up. And every other character is either too serious or too boring.

But we’ll soon see who gets the final spot on October 5. I will reveal the results of the survey after the big announcement.

If your chosen character isn’t among the ones I listed out, let me know in the comments who you think it will be.

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