Who is Your Loli? No Lewding, Please!

Ever wanted an adorable loli to call your own? To enjoy your time with? So by the end of the day you can give them all the unlimited headpats.

Raphtalia being drunk Rising of the Shield Hero
Source: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Find out which loli belongs to you with this 5 minute quiz!

Note: “loli” is an artistic term and nothing more. 

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Choose. A. Color.

Germa 66 One Piece One Piece

Your loli is hungry. What do you feed them?

Yumiero Patissiere Sweet spirits Yumeiro Patissiere

You discover that your loli has powers! What element would it be?

Avatar the last airbender elements wind water earth fire Avatar the Last Airbender

Loli wants to play a game. What do you play?

Himoutou! Umaru-chan Himouto! Umaru-chan

Roses are red. Violets are blue.

Black butler Black Butler

Aww, loli's looking extra adorable, so you compliment them. How do they react?

Sanji and carrot head pat One Piece

Which animal do you particularly relate with the most?

Zero Two as a kid Darling in the franxx Darling in the Franxx

What's your loli's hidden talent?

Dragon Ball Z super saiyan mode Dragon Ball Z

You plan on going on a trip with your loli. How do you get to your destination?

Chihiro and No face on a train Spirited Away Spirited Away

It's a hot day out, so you get a boba drink with your loli. What flavor do you get?

Mei honeydew boba skin Overwatch Overwatch

BONUS: Pick a set of traits that describe you the most.


Who is Your Loli?
Kanna Kamui

Kanna Kamui

You got the most adorable dragon loli that ever exists! Kanna can manipulate electricity and is strong as all the other dragons despite her size. Remember that she recharges simply by plugging her tail into an outlet. And make sure to take real good care of her with daily headpats!


EX-PLOOOO-SION! Megumin may be a cute one trick mage, but she is the most overpowered amongst the group. Allow ample time for her to recover since she's basically paralyzed after using her ability once. Just keep YOUR "chunchunmaru" in where it should be when she's like that.


You got the white chocob- I mean, Filo! The cutest birb! The she-will-kick-you-in-the-gonads-if-you-insult-her birb! She loves, and is more than capable of, pulling wagons for you to travel cross country. Feed her lots to satiate that appetite of hers, and she'll remain loyal to you.

Platelet will be there to rescue you in times of need when you happen upon scrapes, cuts, and other open wounds. They don't live for very long (only up to 10 days), so treat them well. But rest assured, there are plenty more platelets to come afterwards. Imagine: an unlimited source of LOLIS!
Runa Yomozuki

Runa is the psychopathic loli you probably never asked for. But she's still adorable, and requires plenty of sweets like lollipops and time to play videogames (do not mistake for Umaru Doma). Treat her with respect, and she'll likely not sadistically enjoy your sufferings in life. Yikes... Good luck next time!

You actually got a legal loli. Unless it's YOU who's underage. Either way, you get to be pampered all day long, be greeted a warm welcome home, and have a fluffy-fluff to FLUFF (her tail) whenever you please. Her mere presence and wonderful cooking will make you never want to leave the house.

What did you get?

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