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Which Character From “Spirited Away” Are You?

Which Character From “Spirited Away” Are You?

Who would you be in Spirited Away? Based on who you are in reality, would you be Zeniba, No Face, Haku, or someone else?

Are you someone who likes the finer things in life?

Do you prioritize ambition and success over morals and scruples?

Do you love your parents despite their faults, I mean, really love them?

Do you work hard and learn from your mistakes?

Are you feisty, tough, and full of ambition?

Are you a strong, independent person who protects their loved ones?

Does your love last with the passing of time?

Can you be a little two-faced when necessary?

Would you characterize yourself as gruff?

Are you caring and considerate with a fatherly streak?

Are you intimidating but a softy on the inside?

Do you have a strong moral compass?

Are you an endless eater?

Do you think you are a quiet but fiercely loyal person?

Would you consider yourself to be a spoiled, sheltered kind of individual?

When left to your own devices, do you learn quickly?

Which Character From "Spirited Away" Are You?
Bō (Baby)





No Face



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