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What to Expect from Animanga 2020

What to Expect from Animanga 2020

Animanga is an annual 3 day anime, cosplay and gaming convention, which is held at the amazing Fairplex Convention Center in Pomona, California (July 31 – August 2).

What is it?

It is the number one summer anime and gaming convention of Pomona. Animanga encompasses all things anime, manga and gaming. It also occurs right after AnimeExpo, so it is a great place to get discounts and deals on merch!

When is it?

Animanga 2020 will be held from Friday, July 31, 2020, –  Sunday, August 2, 2020.

Source – Animanga

What to Expect?

Last year, I remember buying a plush doll at AX2019 for $40, I remember seeing the same exact plush doll being sold at Animanga for $20! Of course I bought it. Maybe AnimeExpo doesn’t like us sharing this info, but if you wanted to grab merch at a more reasonable price, you can save your money and wait for Animanga!

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee as only whatever gets left over or overstocked may be at Animanga. (Some of the same merchants who sell at AX also sell at Animanga.)

Among events to be had are, Itasha Cars, Cosplay contest, Retro Arcades (Free Play), Maid cafe, Panels, Artist Alley & Exhibitors as well as a host of other activities. There will also be performances from a few guest.

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Attendee badges cost $25, weekend attendee badge cost $50 while family 4 pack cost $150. You can get your badges here.

Guests at Animanga 2020

  • Brandon Winckler – Voice Actor
  • Brian Drummond – Voice Actor
  • Chris Wehkamp – Voice Actor
  • Dave Trosko – Voice Actor
  • Micah Solusod – Voice Actor
  • Dallas Reid – Voice Actor
  • Jill Harris – Voice Actress

Also, the UltraMunch team may also be attending, so if you wanted to hang out with us (why would you?) you could have a chance to hang out with us as we browse the great deals and left over AX merch!

Note: Guest lineup, details and pricing might change in the future. We will try to keep this post updated.  

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