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What Kind of Weeb Are You? Take this Quiz!

What Kind of Weeb Are You? Take this Quiz!

Not all weebs / otakus are alike! Find out what breed of weeb you are by taking this quick quiz.


Among these shounen characters, which one best describes you?

One Piece

Do you ever shed a tear while watching anime?


Do people around you feel your presence when you are around?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

How often do you quote an anime reference?

Blood Lad

You are on a cosplay convention and one of your favorite cosplayers cosplays your favorite character of a certain anime. What will you do?

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

You are playing a game and a certain noob ruined your team’s momentum. How will you deal with it?

No Game No Life

How many people know you love anime?

Log Horizon

How often do you share your weab thoughts… erm… I mean your enthusiasm when it comes to anime, manga, games, etc.?

My Hero Academia

The protagonist of the anime you are currently watching rejects the best girl and you are utterl upset. Meanwhile, your friend that tags along and watches the anime with you seems that he/she didn’t care and continues to munch his/her snack. A feeling of frustration surge your weab heart, how will you deal with it?


There is a new class/workmate that seems to share the same interests with you. Will you open your weab gates in order to try getting along with that person?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Ever Considered Yourself an Otaku or a Weab? Take this Quiz and Find out more about Yourself!!
The Brave and Proud

You don’t let yourself being carried away by the norm. You openly declare our hobbies and indeed very proud of it without shame. Though, you might go overboard sometimes, that very confidence and being true to yourself helps you a lot in self-reflection. Provided that you are not just enclosing yourself in fantasies too much, you might even understand people around you in a better way.
The Moderate

You take everything in the right amount. You are aware that not all people readily accept your interest in otaku culture so you keep the conversation casual. With reality and fantasy in almost perfect balance, you tend to make rational and logical choices. Though safe, you may find yourself enclosed on a box. Try having a leap of faith and be more confident.
The Shy

You are not ready to tell the world that you are also a degenerate. Probably it is either you lack social skills or you are taking care of your initial reputation. Though, you may feel safe now, you also feel restricted. It is like every day is a trip on a minefield. But the thing is, if you are not true to what you are interested to, people won’t really understand you. Build up your confidence, comrade, and never be ashamed that you are a weab.

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