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What is your Otaku Rating? Take this Quiz!

What is your Otaku Rating? Take this Quiz!

We all love anime! But let’s face it, some otakus are in a different league than the rest of us.

Is it you? Take this fun quiz to find out!


What Type of Otaku Are You?

Ever wonder what type of otaku you are? Newbie? Weeb? Or a filthy casual? Take this test and find out! 

How often do you watch anime?

1. Whenever I have time
2. About twice a week
3. Only on the Weekend
4. Daily

When did you start watching anime?

1. Recently (Less Than 1 Year Ago)
2. 1-3 years ago
3. 4-10 years ago
4. Over 10 years ago

What do you eat often?

1. Meat
2. Vegetables
3. Anything
4. Ramen + Pocky 😀

Are you open to other your friends about your anime hobby?

1. Yes
2. No

How many people know of your love for anime?

1. Nobody
2. Only a few people
3. I'm proud and don't care what anyone thinks!

What’s your opinion on mainstream anime?

1. Mainstream? You mean memestream trash?
2. Good! I watch em all!
3. They're OK but I prefer other types of anime

When is the "Golden Age" of anime?

1. 90’s
2. 2000’s
3. 2010’s
4. 2015+

What period has the most trashy anime?

1. 90’s
2. 2000’s
3. 2010’s
4. 2015+

You watched a really great anime! How would you tell your friends about it?

1. Ohayou! Minna-san!! You better check this ultra-kawaii anime anime I watched. It's super sugoi and made my kokoro go dokidoki!
2. Hey, I watchedan a- Ummmm... N-evermind. Forgetabout it.
3. Geez… Stop watching that mainstream crap! You better watch this series. It is way more dark and deep than mainstream anime!!!
4. Hey check out this anime if you have time, my friend! 😀

How do you watch your anime?

1. Skip the boring scenes, let's go straight to action!
2. Savor every moment and thoroughly enjoy the series!
3. If it is mainstream, I’ll dump it after the first episode and list off all the cliches!
4. Loves it so much! Waiting for someone to walk in the room and see how awesome the show you are watching is!!!

All 10 questions completed!

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What Type of Otaku Are You?

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