What A Great Year To BEE a Minecraft Fan!

Bees Minecraft

It’s time to hit the beehive with a pixelated pickaxe. All the buzz about Minecraft getting a bee mod finally became true. Minecraft has added bees in the game. Now everything possible, and you can farm for honey or get bit in the face for clicking the wrong button.

What do they do?

Bees can gather pollen and help you grow your crops faster. One of the major things about the bees is that they are there in Minecraft for looks to admire. The bees in Minecraft have personality and emotions, not to an extent that you see in a sci-fi movie about bees taking over the world but close.

Bees in Minecraft hate rain and they go to sleep at night. In the game, a bee nest can be found in flower forest or sunflower plains. If you are planning to attack one of them, a whole horde will be ready in a second to take revenge for their pixel friend. The sting does include poison damage, and the player also has the ability to lure the bees out of the nest with flowers.

Bees Minecraft
Bees Minecraft

If you seek honey in the game, just get an empty glass or a bottle and use it on a bee nest. It will instantly get you a bottle of honey. You can extract sugar from the honey to make your own bee farm. Farming in Minecraft has never been this easy. When the beehive gets full of honey, there are visual cues for the players to let them know when that happens. When they are full you would see the hive overflowing with honey.

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The player will get to create their own beehives using wood planks and honeycomb. So far, bees have been a great new addition to the already popular massive game Minecraft. The addition of bees will give the player another reason to mine in the virtual world. Maybe we will see YouTubers running away from bees screaming and flipping their chair on the way.

This could start a survival horror mod for the Minecraft, where the player has to take shelter from the blood-hungry bees. If executed perfectly, this could give Resident Evil a run for its money.

Do you like seeing fuzzy furry creatures in the game? Let us know.


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