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We Moved from (back) to

We Moved from (back) to

Originally, we started out with “” as our main website domain. We also had a few Facebook pages to promote our content, most notably AnimeWorld.

The AnimeWorld page grew so fast and many were confused what the name “Ultramunch” was for when our page was called “AnimeWorld.” Begins

“AnimeWorld .com” was already taken (and seems abandoned). Having made multiple attempts to contact the website owners, we decided to go for the .io domain because it was “cool” and “high tech.”

All our branding material and everything was put into this domain.

Anime Expo 2018

However, after running the domain for about a year, it seemed that we put ourselves in an uphill battle.

1. Very poor SEO with .io domain

2. Competing with multiple other “animeworld” websites

3. Even though the theme and Google Adsense ads were copied from the old website, for some reason the .io adsense earnings were significantly lower!


After having run almost a complete loss for the year of 2018 (not counting sponsorships) we decided to go back to our old domain

As of current, “” redirects back to “”

The first thing we needed to do was a complete rebrand.

The old blue logo was something I worked on for several days, using different versions, colors, etc, to try and make the “perfect” logo, and the new updated logo took around 5 minutes to make! I think the new one looks much more professional and fun!

All our sponsorship deals, partners, etc, were simply transferred back to and the entire website and our articles were copied over to the new domain!

So what about our Facebook properties?

AnimeWorld, GamingWorld, and a new mystery page, will operate as our social media branches for growth and community outreach. They don’t need their own dedicated website when they can all point back to UltraMunch and strengthen our main brand!

A Note About Article View Counts

The view counter was added during the update, so there is no data that exists for any articles published BEFORE the domain switch. That data is associated with the old analytics domain anyways.

See Also

If you look at any of our articles posted before the domain switch you will notice the LIKE / SHARE count is way higher than the view count. This is because all the view counts were reset to 0.

The LIKE / SHARE data remains the same because our Facebook page never changed and that data is also stored within the plugin data when we transferred over the site.

It might make our website look suspicious with the social counts higher than the actual view counts on our older articles, and it definitely doesn’t make us look good for our sponsors / advertisers, but I can assure you we will never use “fake” view counts to artificially pump up our website.

Is UltraMunch Here to Stay?

Probably, unless we can get a better domain name or bought out by some other company.

The benefits of having a .com domain name in itself already cancels out every other possibility in my eyes.

Almost immediately our organic search traffic starting coming back to us and UltraMunch related content could be found in various google searches related to our content.

Nothing has changed Facebook side, so our fans are mostly unaffected by this other than the website name change.

We hope to continue growing and bringing quality content to our fans!

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