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Top 10 VTubers! Explore the Virtual Stardom!

Top 10 VTubers! Explore the Virtual Stardom!

Have you heard about Virtual YouTubers?

Virtual-san wa Miteiru

A Virtual Youtuber or VTuber, which originated from Japan, are your typical YouTubers but represented by digital characters as avatars. They do all sorts of video entertainment like comedy skits, gaming playthroughs, video reactions and music covers.

According to User Local Co., Ltd., the number of VTubers exceeded to 8,000 last 2019. This does not include several virtual influencers outside YouTube so imagine a rough estimate or 10,000 or maybe a much higher number today.


Here are the VTubers to look out for:

10) Natsumi Moe

325k subscribers
Natsumi Moe


Natsumi Moe is a popular English-speaking VTuber. Her humor is unintentionally dark sometimes. She likes horror genre but she easily gets terrified with horror games. Natsumi Moe’s YouTube contents includes VR360 role plays and ASMR.



9) YuNi – virtual singer – ♪

338k subscribers


If you love Japanese music YuNi is the best choice. She is a Japanese VTuber specializing as a Virtual Singer. Her goal is to become the world’s best virtual singer.



8) Moemi & Yomemi Channel

424k subscribers
Yomemi (left) & Moemi (right)

This channel is being run by the twins Moemi & Yomemi.

Moemi is part of Eilene‘s  original creation in her Anime Girl Eilene series. She plays video games and uploads it to YouTube. She likes to call her viewers “Darling” (Danna-sama).

Yomemi on the other hand is Moemi’s “alter-ego” according to Eilene. She also plays video games and do various things together with Eilene and Natsumi Moe.



7) 月ノ美兎 (Tsukino Mito) 

487k subscribers

Tsukino Mito is a high school student in her sophomore years. She is a class “iinchou” (class president). She is somewhat a tsundere but wholesome. She was associated with a washing machine because one of her first stream is done over a washing machine. She also mentioned about eating grass when she was a child and how clovers tops the taste among them. Her weirdness (in a good way) reflects on the fan-arts made by her followers.



6) ひなたチャンネル (Hinata Channel)

535k subscribers
Nekomiya Hinata (left) & Inugami Kokage her new partner (right)

Nekomiya Hinata looks like a cat girl with a cat-like behavior. She always looks sleepy and tired but when it comes to FPS games she is very skilled. Some of her viewers even called her a “cheater cat” because of how good she is.

Inugami  Kokage joined Hinata’s channel last December 2019.  She is so energetic and lively, a total opposite of Hinata. Sometimes even Hinata can’t keep up with her when she talks.



5) HIMEHINA Channel

562k subscribers
Tanaka Hime (left) & Susuki Hina (right)

Tanaka Hime is very cheerful, loud and talks a lot. Her outfit is more of a chinese-style accompanied by her light pink hair tied in double buns. She dont like horror games and most of the time panics while playing.

Susuki Hina is the other way around. She is calm and stutters on her words sometimes. Her outfit is western-influenced together with her long golden hair. She loves anime and pulling pranks on Hime.

People commend their music videos for being high quality all the time. Their first original music gathered 9 million views in YouTube.




4) Siro Channel

701k subscribers

Cyber-girl Siro is a Japanese VTuber however she is also very good in speaking English and has a tender soft voice. She is called “White Dolphin” by her fans because the way she laughs sounds similar to a beluga. She voices the Japanese dub of Moze from Borderlands 3.



3) Mirai Akari Project

731k subscribers
Mirai Akari

Mirai Akari started as a time traveler who was sent from the future. She lost her memory in the process and now she is trying to recall her mission. She is using her YouTube Channel to connect with the humans and retrieve her memories along the way.  Mirai Akari is outgoing, expressive and energetic.

See Also

Today, she totally forgot her mission and engaged herself with making conventional videos and collaborations with other VTubers like Cyber-girl Shiro, Kaguya Luna and Kizuna AI. She is also known for having a slender body with a mind of a 12-year old because of her dirty jokes and double meanings that gets her in trouble all the time.




2) Kaguya Luna Official

992k subscribers
Kaguya Luna

Free-spirited, energetic and a bit vulgar, that is how you can describe Kaguya Luna.  She even openly gives insults to her viewers which they find humorous and very Luna-like. She earned a lot of nicknames such as Neck Choked Hamtaro due to the way she talks and Cocaine-chan by her western fans. She calls Kizuna AI “Oyabun” (Boss), Cyber-girl Siro as Iruka-senpai, and Mirai Akari as Mii-chan-senpai.




1) A.I.Channel ♪

2.7M subscribers
Kizuna AI



Kizuna AI is a pioneer VTuber and a self-proclaimed artificial intelligence though she is aware that she is a virtual character. She runs three YouTube Channels (A.I.Channel, A.I.Games, and A.I.Channel China).  Ai-chan loves playing video games even she is bad at it but her fans still found it amusing. She is the most popular virtual personality in YouTube and one of the most-watched Japanese content creator.




So, what do you think of Virtual YouTubers?



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