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“Uma Musume” (Young Filly) Franchise Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

“Uma Musume” (Young Filly) Franchise Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

Cygames, the powerhouse behind the growing Uma Musume (“Young Filly”) franchise, has just released a slew of new press releases.

Uma Musume is the story of the intense rivalries among energetic, young “horses” that appear in the human form of beautiful young women who compete on a horse racing track. The plot revolves around trials and tribulations at a horse racing school.

Hit game Uma Musume (“Young Fillies”), Image Sourced from Cygames

While the anime and game are still only available in Japanese, check out our previous article for some background information in English.

Uma Musume (“Young Filly”) Anxious to Exit the Paddock in “Pretty Derby”

Uma Musume is rapidly becoming one of the most popular anime games in Japan.  Here are the latest developments:

Chapter 3 Released on April 26

The Legend of Team Sirius, the third chapter of the main story, was released in Japan on April 26.  The main character is a winning ticket.  On April 27, the accompanying theme song, “Namida Hikatte, Ashita ni Nare” (“shining tears for tomorrow”), was released.  You can see an animated trailer for it on YouTube.

New illustration for the SSR support card, Image Sourced from Cygames

The release included a new illustration of the specially super rare (SSR) support card available by clearing the main story.

Other details will be announced later via the official portal site or an in-game announcement.

New Young Filly Named “★3[Nevertheless] Narita Taishin”

On April 26, Cygames also announced the release of a new young filly called “★3[Nevertheless] Narita Taishin” who will debut in the “Pretty Derby Gacha.”  She has her own SSR card, too.

New young filly ★3[Nevertheless] Narita Taishin, Image Sourced from Cygames

Other new SSR cards have been designed for players “to push stealthily while burning” and “consult references.”  They are called “Yaenomu Teki” and “Zenno Rob Roy” in Japanese.

New SSR support card “Yaenomu Teki,” Image Sourced from Cygames
New SSR support card “Zenno Rob Roy,” Image Sourced from Cygames

“Champions Meet” Coming by Mid-May

A new race event called the “Champions Meet” will be held from mid-May.  More details for this event will be forthcoming on the official portal site.

Japan Derby Scheduled for Late May

A 2,400m (mid-range) course in Tokyo will be the venue for the legendary “Japan Derby” scheduled for the end of May.  This race will incite intense competition among the young fillies.  For other in-game updates, please check the announcement on the official portal site.

Golden Week Becomes “Gold Ship Week”

From April 29 through May 6, practically the whole country of Japan shuts down for a series of successive holidays collectively known as “Golden Week.” 

It is one of only two instances per year when most Japanese take time off of work to relax at home or travel.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, both domestic and international travel are, however, discouraged again this year.

Popular young filly, Goru-shi, Image Sourced from Uma Musume Plus

Cygames has launched an initiative, mimicking the name of the national holiday by commemorating the famous Japanese thoroughbred racehorse, Gold Ship, known in Japanese simply as “Goru-shi” (ゴルシ).  They have developed a promotional video on YouTube to encourage fans to play the game while resting at home.

“3rd Event Winning Dream Stage” Visuals Released

Key visuals, logos, and a list of the runners for the “Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3rd Event Winning Dream Stage” have been released.  This two-day event will take place at the Tokyo Garden Theater on August 28 – 29.  Admission tickets went on sale starting at 9 p.m. (JST) on April 24.

Announcement about the live event scheduled for late August, Image Sourced from Cygames

All seats are reserved and will cost 8,800 Japanese yen (approximately US $81).  Tickets for this event can be purchased until May 30.  A single buyer can purchase a maximum of four tickets.

Limited Support Cards Released for “Horse Box 2”

The TV animation, Uma Musume Pretty Derby “Season 2”, will air on May 26 in Japan.  New SSR cards will be made available at this time.

Support card for anime Uma Musume Pretty Derby “Season 2”, Image Sourced from Cygames

Jacket Illustration for The Third Corner

Featuring the young fillies, Nice Nature and Twin Turbo, a sneak preview of the new jacket illustration for The Third Corner TV anime of Uma Musume Pretty Derby “Season 2”: Uma Box 2 was just made public to promote the new series. It’s set to be released on July 21.

For product details, please check the Blu-Ray page on the official anime website.

The young fillies Nice Nature and Twin Turbo featured on this new jacket design, Image Sourced from Cygames

Umayon Mini Album

Finally, a sneak preview of the new jacket illustration for the anime, Umayon, was just made public to build up anticipation for the new series set to be released on June 16.  The CD will include a serial code that can be exchanged for in-game items as well as an event guide that will allow you to participate in the release event scheduled for late July, as a limited bonus for the first production. Details of the event are forthcoming.

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New illustration for the jacket design of the mini album for Umayon just released, Image Sourced from Cygames

Fan Reaction

Uma Musume is introducing an entirely new generation to horse racing—albeit “personified” horse racing—and early results indicate that the anime series and game are rapidly taking over the market.  Many fans are becoming addicted.

Extreme Snake recently tweeted, “The more interesting the young filly is, the more interesting it is.  I am re-evaluating my success with PowerPro.  The basic system is so complete and addictive.”

It does not take long to become addicted.  Nier-000 divulged, “It’s been 2 hours since I was doing Uma Musume.  It’s dangerous that the competition really heats up in the last spurt … I’m going to be addicted.”

As we reported at the beginning of the month, Uma Musume is presently still only available in Japanese, but Cygames just announced that a Korean version will soon be launched.  They are also planning to sell a version with simplified kanji characters.  It is, however, unclear when an English language version will become available.

Given the extraordinary success of Uma Musume in Japan, it is probably only a matter of time before Cygames expands the franchise beyond national borders.

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