Top Selling Manga in Japan 2018 Q1 & Q2

Take a peek at the top-selling manga in Japan, this year. Did your favorite manga make it to the list? Are you reading the best manga out there? Find out the answer to all the question that you haven’t made up by reading it all the way to the down

Source: Hime Arikawa

Manga exists because sometimes you don’t have to kill yourself by flipping through pages after pages of your history book. Like I have always said Mangas are like those painted old dudes in your history book but with a thought bubble and big breasted woman.

These are the top-selling mangas of 2018 /First Half/ You can see the estimated sales number right next to the title.

10. One Punch Man – 1,658,054

Source: One Punch Man

It’s like watching the last round of an MMA fight. It’s one punch man! who here hasn’t seen this anime yet? This is not a lead up to a  Seinfeld joke.
It’s a man who hits other men with a single punch.

9. Tokyo Ghoul:re – 1,962,722

It’ an anime about ghouls living in a city amongst humans (what are the odds at that?!). But some ghouls are better & peaceful towards humans than the ‘bad’ ghouls. Who, are just better at treating humans as their personal bloody mary drink.

Peaceful ghouls are good because they watch what they eat as opposed to the bad ghouls who only eat whatever they can find it on the street (most of the time humans). If a ghoul has an eating disorder then that ghoul is one of the strongest ones!

8. The Promised Neverland – 1,970,504

This series takes place in the year 2045. Where 11-year-old orphan ‘Emma’ lives with her 37 siblings in an orphanage. One day, one of the orphans gets adopted. Our 11-year-old Emma follows the adopted orphan to her new house because she left her favorite toy behind. What they uncover next might give them the best impression of life they are about to live!

Let’s be honest here, Emma followed that orphan because Emma was jealous of being the main character but not getting adopted in the first episode.

7. Black Clover – 2,033,277

If you are one of those people who can never get tired of seeing an orphan living a productive life in the future. Then this one is just for you.

Fairy tail + My hero academia + orphans = This one.

6. Kingdom – 2,516,768

Again… Again… ahnn!— If you are one of those people who can never get tired of seeing an orphan living in the future, because this orphan is from 403 bc.

This is a time when the average lifespan of a human was shorter than the food in their house.

Just like that blond hair orphan from Konoha, this orphan wants to be a ‘Great Generals of the Heavens’ in their future.

5. My Hero Academia – 2,516,063

In a world, where everybody has superpowers.  There comes a story of a middle school student. Who doesn’t possess any sort of powers and gets bullied by the other kids for not having any! But he has one thing that the others characters don’t.

The same thing that made naruto better than Sasuke…A dream! That’s right, just like MLK, he has a dream too. A dream to become a hero someday to get rid of all the evil of this world.

4. Haikyu!! – 2,523,071

See Also

It’s an anime about volleyball but with dudes. This would’ve been more fun if there was a woman volleyball team. Maybe that’s me and my ecchi mind but c’mon you can’t blame for thinking about more than one ball jumping all over the volleyball court!

3. The Seven Deadly Sins – 2,769,915

In the year of 43AD, a group called seven deadly sins. Probably thought of the name after seeing people performing all the sins on the street. It’s a group consists of seven holy knights. After failing to overthrow the people in charge that they had sworn to protect.

The group breaks up. And Each member goes back to their own lives. But the rumors still persist that those legendary knights still out there somewhere like a one-hit wonder boy band.

2. Attack on Titan – 2,997,049

This anime is so good. It can make any otaku orgasm while just saying the name of this anime. That’s how good this anime is! I think many of them are having an orgasm right now just by seeing something about the attack on titans.

If you still don’t buy it from all those wet underwears, fine! But in what other anime you’d get to see two adults, one full grown man, and a full-grown woman, falling in love with an under-age catholic girl. Oh!, I forgot to mention one little thing, those adults can turn into bigass titans!

1.One piece –  3,110,049

It’s Luffy ordering one plate of one piece! What he doesn’t know that the service is gonna take longer than his hands on gum-gum no bazooka move from another planet. I’m kidding of course! This anime is so long that all the female characters grew their breasts after 400 episodes, I guess just to hold the people’s attention to this really really really long anime.

That’s it! What type of manga did you enjoy this year?

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