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Top 8 Folding Phones Coming Out This Year

Top 8 Folding Phones Coming Out This Year


Foldable phones are quickly becoming a thing now. It is used to be thing of the past, it would pop up here and there if you are watching an early 2000 tv show. Now they are making a comeback but It is not one of those Disney remakes of the old classic folding phones of 2000. It is a proper remake of the foldable phone, which was a significant mark from the bygone decade. Instead of seeing the keypad, this new adaption will bring a display screen.

intel-foldable-smartphone ( Source: Intel )

Imagine a tablet being crushed by the hands of the incredible hulk but it remains unbroken and functional. With the recent resurgence of foldable phones. This could be the beginning of the new era where we ditch the traditional one screen for two. Who knows? This could lead to a phone with a display on the back.


Foldable phones seem promising with major company google making the app developers use functions such as Multi resume,  Multi-Display, and screen continuity. Making the upcoming apps more compatible, so they can adapt to the technology next in line.

Without further ado, let’s just unfold the list of foldable phones coming out this year.

8.Intel Foldable Smartphone

Intel is working on a Three display screen instead of Two that is the base foundation of making a foldable phone. The three display does make the phone look something out of the near future. And no bezel helps this phone to look even cooler than the color of intel.

7. Xiaomi Dual Flex or MIX Flex

Specs –

OS – Android Pie
Screen size (inches)-  6.18-inch (1440 x 2560 px)
Processor – Octa – Core 1.8GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855)
RAM – 6 Gigs / 8gigs
Internal storage – 64 GB (Expandable up to 128 GB)
Camera – 20.MP +16.0MP+ 8.0MP
Battery – 4200 mAh

MI is known for delivering better goods under an affordable price range. This brand has been pretty popular amongst people who want value per money product. This foldable phone cost as half as the price tag of the Samsung galaxy fold. With the battery capacity closer to the features in the galaxy fold.

6.Blackberry Foldable Smartphone

Black Berry
BlackBerry Source: CNET

The news of blackberry making a foldable phone broke out quick on the internet. But the fire set on the pages on the internet seems to have extinguished by the recent comments made by the CEO of blackberry. Who has said –

Besides coming with a very expensive price tag, these smartphones are bulky. – John Chen CEO

5.Microsoft Andromeda

Very little is known about this phone. Only how much stuff it will carry on its storage? which is rumored to be around 64 gigs. It’s a Microsoft product, it will use the glorious paper design of windows 10. It is believed to cost around $1000.

4.Moto Razr

Specs –

OS – Android Pie
Screen size (inches)-  6.18-inch (1440 x 3040 px)
Processor – Octa – Core 1.8GHz (Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon)
RAM – 6 Gigs / 4gigs
Internal storage – 128GB (Expandable up to 256 Gb)
Camera – 12mp
Battery – 2730mAh

It does look ridiculous for a phone. This is one of the stuff that’ll make this generation closer to the 80s. This is sure is gonna create “What were we thinking, mate?”.

3.Royole Flexpai

Specs –

OS – Android Pie
Screen size (inches)-  7.8-inch (1440 x 1920 px)
Processor – Octa – Core 1.8GHz
RAM – 6 Gigs
Internal storage – 128GB (Expandable up to 256 Gb)
Camera – 20mp + 16mp
Battery – 3790mAh

This company is the first to do it. They are the one who started a fire under foldable phones in the market. So far, this company said to have the cheapest foldable phone in the market. But the reception to this product has been little skeptical.

2. Huawei Mate X

Specs –

OS – Android Pie
Screen size (inches)-  6.38-inch (2200×2480 px)
Processor – Octa – Core 1.8GHz
RAM – 8 Gigs
Internal storage – 512 GB (Expandable up to 256 Gb)
Camera – 40-megapixel + 16-megapixel + 8-megapixel
Battery – 4,500mAh (Quick Charging Support)
and 5G!

It’s good to see a phone implementing the technology that is not even seen the sky through a hole in the dark tunnel. If it brings competition to the phones at the high-level tier. Soon will see the products in the mid-tier finding a way to package it in affordable pricing.

See Also

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Specs –

OS – Android Pie
Screen size (inches)-  4.60 (1536 x 2152 px)
Processor – Octa – Core
RAM – 12 Gigs
Internal storage – 512 GB
Camera – Rear -16 , Front – 10
Battery – 4,380 (Quick Charging Support)

The best bang for your too much buck. 12gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of storage. it got hardware of decent workstation computer.

These phones sure look good and they do make it up in the performance of the hardware that they have to offer. But will the battery power of 4,000 be able to keep this beast of phones up and running after a heavy load? Or they will become another gimmick to charge a ludicrous amount of money to do the same stuff with a bigger screen.

Just to remind you, now the battery has to deal with more than what it used to. It will have to multi-task on performing various processes on two different screens at the same time while maintaining the resume-ability of an app from one screen to another.

The only good thing that I can say about these phones. If it breaks or falls on the ground, you can use it as a normal smartphone.

What’s your thought on this? Do you see your self folding a phone like a wrestler with a steel rod debuting in a wrestling match?

Disclaimer: This article is not supported by the brands that are mentioned throughout it. Its sole purpose is to inform people about the details of the upcoming product.

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