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Top 7 Best Facebook Groups for Anime

Top 7 Best Facebook Groups for Anime

Facebook groups are really useful for everything from finding local news in your area to discussing topics of interest among like minded fans.

In this article we will cover the largest Facebook Groups for anime fans to join. Note: we will only be covering “Public” English Speaking Facebook groups in this article.

Anime Expo Fans – 18K Members

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This group is mainly about Anime Expo related postings, however in the time between AX events, we see a lot of convention related memes and other postings.

This group is small, but it is focused on something very specific! According to the description, it is an “unofficial” group for Anime Expo content.

If you are a fan of Anime Expo, you should definitely check out this group.

ANIME – 33K Members

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Even though this is on the smaller side of meme posting groups, unlike some of the larger groups on this list, there seems to be a more healthy amount of reactions per post.

Based on what we have seen, there is not too many posts per hour, which helps explain the higher reaction rate, anywhere from 0 – 30 reactions (based on our findings).

Anime & Manga Fans – 66K Members

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Typical meme posting group. Posts can range from only a few reactions to a couple hundred reacts.

Moderately active, posts can be hit or miss.

Anime Unit – 83K Members

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Meme posting group, seems to have a healthy dose of posts to reactions / likes ratio, looks like anywhere from around 30 – 200 reactions on posts.

Anime – 93K

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Another meme posting group, it seems to be not as active anymore. Some posts get anywhere from 0 – 1 reactions (based on what we saw), and a couple posts here and there get more than 50 reactions.

However, the group gets a TON of posts per hour, so it makes sense that a lot of the posts would go unnoticed when there is such a high volume of posts in the group.

One Piece – One Million Fans – 680K Members

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As the name suggests, this is a group for One Piece related content. Because the group is targeted towards a particular fandom, the reactions and activity per post seem very healthy.

It looks like posts can get anywhere from 30 – 2,000 reacts!

AnimeWorldUnite! – 700K Members

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Spoiler Alert: This is our own group, so totally not biased or anything but… This is the best anime group of all time!

As far as we can tell, AnimeWorldUnite appears to be the world’s largest public Facebook group for anime specific content!

There are so many posts per hour, it’s hard to count, but the post reactions and community is quite healthy if I do say so myself!

Posts appear to get anywhere from 100 – 10,000+ reactions / comments!

If you love anime and speak English, this is definitely the group you want to be in!

*Note: This content is based off our research as of February 2020. 

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