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Top 5 Original Anime Inspired Music You Need to Hear

Top 5 Original Anime Inspired Music You Need to Hear

This is a list dedicated to original artists who create great music with “anime” inspiration or flair. It is not necessarily music that is featured from any particular anime, but music that has come as a result of anime culture.

If you’re tired of listening to anime OP’s and ED’s and want to hear something new, you’ve come to the right place!

We hope to give more appreciation and exposure to this music as it truly is amazing!

5. Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra

We had covered Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra in depth in another article here.


This music is extremely unique in two ways:

  • The genre is unique and a mix of different music types
  • The music is sung in their own original language “Alician”

One of the newest songs release by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra!

4. Kikuo

Are you ready to be horrified and delighted out at the same time?

Kikou’s music usually has a dark theme to it, and it’s very refreshing to see something like this, it’s kind of like a blast from the past!

You can support Kikou on Patreon.

3. Kokia

Everyone who has heard me playing this song has asked me for the link to it, so here it is:

An absolutely beautiful and calming piece from Kokia.


All of Kokia’s music seems very dreamy and has a nice fantasy vibe to it.

2. Cephied

These two songs are the kind where you are listening to it wrong if you aren’t cranking up the volume!

See Also

And the long anticipated followup song, Gaia:

Both these songs are amazing in their on right and you should definitely check out Cepheid.

1. M2U

Perhaps the more famous on this list, M2U has a very fast paced and fun music style that is always great to listen to while working!

And this song, which I could listen to more than 10 times in a row!


M2U is a South Korean music producer that is mostly known for music featured in Deemo.

Hope you enjoy some unique music! If you have any song suggestions, feel free to comment them below.

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