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Top 5 Idol Anime

Top 5 Idol Anime

I wasn’t always a fan of idol anime as I felt a lot of the stories were one-dimensional and basically the same.

But I gave the genre a chance and now I’m a huge fan of idol anime. I’ve seen countless episodes and listened to tons of music tracks from different series. And using my expert knowledge, I’d like to share which titles I think are the Top 5 Idol Anime.

5. “Macross Frontier”

“Macross Frontier” may not seem like an idol anime at first glance, but the Macross series is well known for its idol aspects. Many of its main characters are idols whose music plays a vital role in the story.

The Macross franchise has a ton of series underneath its umbrella. If I have to pick just one season, it would have to be “Macross Frontier”.

“Macross Frontier” came out in 2008 and was met with love by both critics and fans. The show is known for its awesome action set pieces in space as well as its fantastic pop songs. Every single one of its opening singles debuted #5 or higher on Japanese music charts.

4. AKB0048

Keeping with the space theme, we have AKB0048 and its ridiculous premise. The show takes place far in the future, with Earth having been destroyed in a devastating war and people going to other planets to survive. And on these other planets, music is banned as the government claims it to be the source of all evil.

Criminally underrated

So, a group of idols team up to rebel against the oppressive government by playing pop music, while also trying to escape the feds. It’s a ridiculous premise and I love it. Watching AKB0048 had me smiling from beginning to end.


iDOLM@STER is a fantastic series of a group of 13 girls who each dream of becoming the top idols in Japan. But on that road to glory, the girls quickly realize the downsides to fame and the sacrifices that have to be made. It’s a lighthearted series that’s not afraid to tackle more serious concepts.

The franchise is also celebrating its 15th anniversary

iDOLM@ASTER is of the more popular idol anime series and it’s easy to see why. The series, as a whole, has great animation and a cast of lovable characters while also keeping the story grounded. There’s a ton of iDOLM@STER content as there are multiple specials, spin-offs, games, movies, and the like. You’ll never run out of something to enjoy.

2. Love Live! School Idol Project

Arguably the most famous of anime idol shows, Love Live! School Idol Project is one of the best I’ve ever watched. The camaraderie between the girls is at the heart of the series and it’s impossible to watch and not come out having a favorite girl.

The original season is about a group of girls coming together to save their school from closing. The girls figure the best way to do this is to make an idol group that shows just how great the school is and raise some funds. It became a wild success and the franchise has gone on to create games, sequels, and tons of music.

See Also

1. Zombieland Saga

Zombieland Saga is the series that first got me into idol anime. I was never really into the genre all that much until two things happened: I learned what the series was about and I saw the first two minutes in a meme compilation video once. The first episode opens up with the main character, Sakura, getting hit by a truck and dying immediately.

I was stunned when I saw that and got hooked. What followed was a whirlwind of a series about zombie idols from different times coming together to save the Saga prefecture from irrelevance. It’s a heartwarming show filled with belly-aching laughs and great music.

Also, the second season’s opening is the greatest thing ever.

Which one of these will be your new favorite and get you addicted to idol anime? Let us know.

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