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Top 3 Recent Manga That NEED an Anime Adaptation

Top 3 Recent Manga That NEED an Anime Adaptation

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In Japan, most great anime originates from equally great manga. The more successful the manga, the higher the likelihood of it receiving an anime adaptation.

Although, sometimes, even the most amazing stories in manga can sometimes slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Here is a list of three amazing manga that absolutely need to receive an anime adaptation.

1. Jagaaan

Jagaaan Manga

Jagaaan is a very mature, imaginative seinen manga packed full of monsters, fighting, sex, death, and, most importantly, greyed characters. While this manga’s insane action and unique monsters alone are enough to make it worthy of a legendary anime, the blurred morals of its characters drag readers from its crazy world back down to reality.

Every character who turns into a fractured human is exactly that, a normal person who has been broken by their desires growing out of control. Desires for power or sex are explored in the series but even concepts such as a desire for justice, friends, or commitment can trigger fracturing.

It is when these characters with good intentions turn into horrible abominations that the series is at its peak. Right when you begin to sympathize with a character’s plight and root for them, you suddenly find them turning into a murderous monster that has warped their desires. This emotional roller coaster of storytelling mixed with fast-paced, violent battles put Jagaaan in the number 1 spot on our list.

Jagaaan follows the story of the police officer, Shintarou Jagasaki, and the events that unfold when he becomes a fractured human. Jagasaki is one to hide his true emotions behind a false smile, all the while contemplating “shooting ’em up”, meaning those around him he finds annoying.

Despite his secret frustrations, he remains a civil and docile member of society until one day, he becomes infected with a frenzied frog. These strange creatures turn their hosts into fractured humans, creatures fueled entirely by their desires which take on more powerful and ghastly forms the stronger their desires grow.

After the death of his girlfriend due to her turning into a fractured human, Jagasaki swears to revive her by hunting down other fractured humans with his newfound powers.

2. Chainsawman

Chainsawman Manga

Despite being publicized in the popular Shonen Jump magazine, Chainsawman is not what you might expect from a typical shonen manga. The main character, Denji, has no grandiose dreams of being king of anything nor saving the world.

He is truly a simple man who only wishes to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as eating good food and, according to him, trying to see a pair of boobs. After narrowly escaping death by being revived as a devil/human hybrid known as Chainsawman, Denji’s life spirals into a bizarre, hilarious, and at times, terrifying, ride of gore and action.

Chainsawman‘s unpredictability and interesting characters will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire series. A manga filled with violence, dark humor, and a simple-minded main character may seem relatively shallow.

Still, author Tatsuki Fujimoto masterfully writes the cast of characters right into your heart. The relatability of Chainsawman‘s characters mixed with the fact that nobody in this series, and I do mean nobody, is totally safe will have you dying of laughter one chapter and sobbing the next.

This manga is guaranteed to be an anime hit with its fast-paced, incredible fight scenes and shocking plot twists. To make things even better, we don’t have to keep dreaming of an anime adaptation. One is already in the works!

After the end of the first part of the manga, it was announced that studio MAPPA, the same studio behind shows like Dorohedoro, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Attack on Titan, will be bringing us a Chainsawman anime! As of now, no release date has been announced, but with MAPPA behind the wheel, Chainsawman will likely be receiving the adaptation it deserves.

Denji is an honest guy who makes a living and tries to pay off his deceased father’s debts while hunting Devils, monsters born out of human fears. One day, while at death’s door, Denji is saved by his one and only friend, his Devil partner Pochita. After Pochita replaces Denji’s heart, he is reborn as the devil hybrid, Chainsawman. After joining Japan’s federal Devil-hunting agency, Denji is sent into battle to fight monstrous devils. The goal of the association is to eventually track down and kill one of the strongest devils ever to exist, the Gun Devil.  

3. Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Hell's Paradise Anime Adaptation

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku blends a number of different elements together to form a unique and compelling story. The main plot consists of a deadly survival game with strangers like Gantz.

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There is hand-to-hand combat and ninjas like Naruto. It contains its own eclectic mix of religious horror and comedy. Although the influence of multiple series is evident in the make up of Jigokuraku, the overall story manages to retain a unique flavor that’s entirely its own.

The series has very dark scenes of despair but can also quickly switch to lighthearted banter, thanks to main character Gabimaru’s indifferent attitude. The mystery of the utopia that the story is set in, as well as tons of bizarre enemies for Gabimaru to fight against, results in a perfect combination of action, horror, and mystery that would be a thrilling anime from start to finish.

Like Chainsawman, there won’t be too much patience required to see an anime adaptation of Jigokuraku. Upon the completion of the manga, an anime was announced just this January!

Jigokuraku tells the tale of Gabimaru– the empty, very strong, yet indifferent shinobi who finds himself unable to be killed after being sentenced to execution.

Gabimaru’s immortality and criminal reputation lead him to accept an offer to go on an expedition to find immortality for the Shogun. If he can provide immortality to the Shogun, he is promised to be pardoned of all crimes so that he may go home to his beloved wife.

However, there is a catch. The island rumored to contain the elixir of life is a mysterious paradise filled with death around every corner. Accompanied by his assigned executioner, Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, Gabimaru struggles just to stay alive on an island with other equally dangerous criminals, terrifying diseases, and grotesque monsters.

Are you dying to see these in anime form?

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