Top 20 Anime Characters Who Have Gone Over 9000

Go Berserk. Activate Rage Mode. It’s time to du-du-du-dududududuel! Whatever anime it may be, there is almost always one character in a series who turns into an actual beast.

Source: Gurren Lagann

There’s no denying that these characters become overpowered in some way; be it by raw determination, physical strength, or some type of magic-induced chant. There’s no escaping it. And you know it’s about to go down.

Source: Shakugan no Shana

Here are some of the best moments in anime when a character has literally gone over 9000!

20. The God We Need But Can’t Have

The only god we need is Yato, not for Calamity and Depression. No, not even Fortune, Happiness, or War. Yato, the God of Tracksuits! So exactly when does Yato go berserk?

Source: Yato – “Noragami”

If you want to consider his past self as the god of Calamity and Depression, that was all he ever was. Killing mercilessly with no justification other than fulfilling his role. More recently, Yato’s fight against Rabo comes close to one of his best silent rage modes in order to protect Hiyori Iki and Yukine.

19. Furry Squidward

Hello adults who still watch anime and read manga. I’m sure growing up watching Spongebob Squarepants felt like a kid’s television show to pass time, and we related to Patrick and Spongebob the most. But as we grew older? We all became Squidward.

Source: Retsuko – “Aggretsuko”

And that is exactly who Retsuko is, but with pure rage that represents our frustrations and aggravation towards this current undying life of ours under extreme existential crisis.

Source: Retsuko – “Aggretsuko”

18. Something’s Rising, And It Ain’t The Shield Hero

Okay, maybe it is. But Naofumi Iwatani’s Shield of Rage allows him to utilize varying abilities such as Iron Maiden and Shield prison. The combination of the two ultimately leads to the demise of whatever has been trapped within the prison.

Naofumi Iwatani
Source: Naofumi Iwatani – “The Rising of the Shield Hero”

When Naofumi allows his wrath to consume his entire being, flames engulf him and the Shield of Rage takes over during his berserk mode. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Nothing is scarier than watching a madman go up in flames and take you down in one go. At the cost of his own blood. HMM, THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR.

Naofumi Iwatani
Source: Naofumi Iwatani – “The Rising of the Shield Hero”

17. No Double Taps Required

Ayumu Aikawa can breakdance, absorb magic, and be the most invincible zombie you’ve ever met. Since he’s already so overpowered unless under direct sunlight, what more can the man do? To overcome his vulnerability to sunlight, the moment he absorbs Haruna’s magical powers, he becomes a whole new monster.

Ayumu Aikawa
Source: Ayumu Aikawa – “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?”

That’s right, Ayumu Aikawa the chainsaw-wielding mahou-shoujo-zombie. Pink outfit, frills, and ribbons galore! The ultimate and unstoppable cross-dressing beast where you want to divert your eyes away from but can’t stop watching.

Ayumu with chainsaw magical girl
Source: Ayumu Aikawa – “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?”

16. Cavendish Copycat

Sorry Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado. And even Inosuke Hashibira. Although they each seem to go off in their moments, the loudmouth whiner Zenitsu Agatsuma personally takes the icing on the cake. Although a bit of a crybaby, the boy seems to have a secret side that not even Zenitsu is aware of.

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Source: Zenitsu Agatsuma – “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

With a keen sense of hearing, he can actually be quite a troublesome silent beast. Only when he’s fast asleep though, similar to Cavendish from One Piece or a drunken fist master.

15. The Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric can be a hothead when it comes to battle unlike his brother Alphonse Elric, who’s more timid but just as strategic. Ed’s outbursts are typically triggered when someone calls him a pipsqueak. However, when battle-ready, the boy knows how to deal damage.

Edward Elric
Source: Edward Elric – “Fullmetal Alchemist”

And unlike the Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang, Ed can actually manipulate the surroundings and objects around him to full usage without a transmutation circle. The chaos his rage brings wherever he travels while in search for the Philosopher’s Stone is endless.

Edward Elric
Source: Edward Elric – “Fullmetal Alchemist”

14. Requip: The Knight

Erza Scarlet, a woman of empowerment and slight fanservice due to her varying armor and weapon collection thanks to her requip ability. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a woman with a solid resolve when in battle. She not only looks the part, but plays the role well.

Erza Scarlet
Source: Erza Scarlet – “Fairy Tail”

Although, personally, her Heavenly Wheel armor (okay and the Japanese Cloth) is a favorite, Erza in her Purgatory armor is kicka**. She’s typically calm and collected, but her fight against Ikaruga shows both her strengths when enraged as well as her vulnerability. As long as she’s not like Erza Knightwalker, we good, right?

Erza Scarlet
Source: Erza Scarlet – “Fairy Tail”


Haseo nearly lost his mind when he lost his closest friend, Shino, to Tri-Edge. After years of searching only to find that the person he’s looking for wasn’t Tri-Edge, but was instead another friend he trusted and was also close to Shino, he loses his cool and goes all out.

Haseo .hack//GU trilogy
Source: Haseo – “.hack//G.U. Trilogy Movie”

Although seeing the serene and timid Atoli lose her sanity and mind when consumed by her emotions and hate, Haseo’s consistent edgy self simply outwins them all. No one go as hard as Haseo even after finding peace with his anger. And his fight scene with Ovan demonstrates that well.

12. Baku-BOOM!

Move aside Smash move ultimates. Lord Explosion Murder is here! If rage had a face to it, any of Katsuki Bakugo’s angrily determined expressions would fit. The boy exudes rage. He’s always wanting to be at the top, striving to be the best like All Might, and working hard in his own way to prove that.

Katsuki Bakugo
Source: Katsuki Bakugo – “Boku no Hero Academia”

Bakugo pours his heart, sweat, and might into every thing he does. His competitiveness helps him to go far and beyond, but coming in second best or failing to meet standards makes him quite explosive. But in a good way. Sometimes.

Katsuki Bakugo
Source: Katsuki Bakugo – “Boku no Hero Academia”

11. “May All Your Bacon Burn”

Tell Calcifer you like his spark! And watch this meek little fireball turn into a flaming demon strong enough burn your soul. He doesn’t receive enough credit for how powerful his true fire demon form really is. A small flame moves an entire castle!

Source: Calcifer – “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Imagine when Sophie offers her hair to become stronger. Imagine what he could’ve done if she offered her eyes. If Calcifer wasn’t entirely submissive and bound to household duty and maintenance, he would be an entirely different monster to deal with.

Source: Calcifer – “Howl’s Moving Castle”

10. Furries Turn You On Now, Admit It

Not only is she beautiful (for a furry) in Sulong mode, but Carrot is cute and adorable as the sweets she loves to eat. While in Zou, there’s a strange occurrence on nights with full moons. The Mink tribe, or a select few capable of wielding the power and having control, undergo a Sulong transformation.

Source: Carrot – “One Piece”

In other words, full on (literal) BEAST MODE. They appear different physically (sexy AF is what that is), come off stronger and faster, but lack control if in the mode for too long. So go on. Gawk at her Sulong beauty!

9. Human Centipede

Hahaha! Sorry to those who desperately tried to forget that movie existed, but moving along now. Ken Kaneki will rip you to shreds. The boy barely knew what he was doing until Rize came along and turns him into a ghoul. But hey, after only being physically and mentally tortured, he now can kill you.

Ken Kaneki
Source: Ken Kaneki – “Tokyo Ghoul”

Kaneki is somewhat mentally unstable, probably still has DID issues, and does a complete 180 physically, mentally, emotionally… spiritually? And ya’ll just be questioning, “Did he just pull out what I think he did outta his ear?” Like, boo, yes. Yes he did. 

Ken Kaneki
Source: Ken Kaneki – “Tokyo Ghoul”

8. Ninetails, I Choose You!

If Naruto Uzumaki was a Pokémon… Well, you really wouldn’t want to mess with this ninja. Not when he was a kid attempting to tame the beast, not in Shippuden when he learns how to control it partially, and definitely not when he becomes Hokage and takes full control of Kurama.

Naruto Uzumaki
Source: Naruto Uzumaki – “Naruto”

You have to admit though, rather than fully changing his appearance, Naruto does look pretty bada** taking in the kyuubi’s form transparently. In all honesty, I preferred the liquid-like form from before Shippuden.

Naruto Uzumaki
Source: Naruto Uzumaki – “Naruto”

7. Watch Out For That… Building! Titan?

This was a pretty close case between Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren YEAGER. If we look back at all the moments between these three, Levi’s got the upperhand and most notable fighting scenes in just his 3DMG. Pure skill, elegant, and ferocious all at once.

Levi Ackerman
Source: Levi Ackerman – “Attack on Titan”

All Mikasa has got going is her determination to protect the boys while Eren is… “TITANS ARE MY TRIGGER!” While Levi does lack actual Titan powers that Eren has, he is still more than competent and level-headed (with better intense screaming) than Eren will ever be when cutting down multiple Titans.

6. AGGGHHH! For Twenty Minutes

Don’t argue with me on this one. There. Are. Too. Many. To. Choose. From. Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 looks like Golden Sonic, so let’s go with that. You know someone’s going into beast mode when some initiates the Super Saiyan yell and constipation stance. And you just can’t help but test your lungs out on that.

Goku Super Saiyan 3
Source: Goku – “Dragon Ball Z”

And how about Advanced Super Saiyan Blue Vegetable Vegeta? To counter for Golden Sonic with the OG Sonic. Not Super Saiyan God? Or any previous ones? Sorry. Let us know which one you like in the comments!

Vegeta advanced super saiyan blue
Source: Vegeta – “Dragon Ball Z”


Never will the connection between Naofumi and Guts ever stop. And never will Naofumi ever top Guts when it comes to the bloodiest and most brutal berserker mode you’ve ever seen. The only exception will be the longest two to three episodes of talking in front of your opponent without being killed. Mid-battle. In front of a POPE

Source: Guts – “Berserk”

The man and his friends’ life are in peril the moment he dons on the Berserker armor, being unable to control it fully without Schrieke’s assistance. It can tear down a group of hellish (and grotesque) beasts in one swing, and constantly feeds you nightmares and threats of unleashing itself full self once it gains complete control over you one day.

See Also

Guts Berserker
Source: Guts – “Berserk”

4. Want Some Guimauve?

Just maybe not the kind Saya Kisaragi is fed by Fumito Nanahara. Simply because both her coffee and the guimauve she consumes are made with… blood. In a way to force her to remember her true murderous self or to remain the kind and caring Saya she has become. Either way, the constant wiping and resurfacing of her memories might be confusing.

Saya Kisaragi
Source: Saya Kisaragi – “Blood-C”

Normal high school girl during the day, going berserk at night. Killing Elder Bairns, consuming their blood the following day, only to rinse and repeat the process until the staged act drops. Saya knows only how to kill, and there’s nothing you can do to stop her.

Saya Kisaragi
Source: Saya Kisaragi – “Blood-C”

3. Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Mob only wants to live a normal life. Why can’t he have that? Because he literally is the exact opposite of what he wants to be. The boy has to turn himself off and his own emotions to suppress his psychic powers as an overpowered Esper.

Source: Mob / Shigeo Kageyama – “Mob Psycho 100”

But how can you tone yourself down when you keep encountering other Espers? Since Mob basically initiates his rage mode every fight, it’s difficult to choose which particular moment defines him best. Instead, here’s one scene of Mob’s full wrath against Megumu Koyama, and you tell me if that isn’t down right over 9000.

2. Want A Free Kite? No Strings Attached

Gon Freecss can be questionable in judgment and ethics at times. But most shonen characters be like that sometimes. Kite, someone who has truly influenced Gon in more than one way, and his death are what lead to Gon having a complete and mental breakdown. Before he turns into a literal hulk.

Gon Freecss
Source: Gon Freecss – “Hunter x Hunter”

The destructiveness and self-inflicting pain that Gon undergoes during his berserk mode ultimately gives you the creeps. The transformation is quite stunning, in a twisted sense, but alluring nonetheless. Or maybe I’m just weird. Move on now.

Gon Free css
Source: Gon Freecss – “Hunter x Hunter”


Don’t let Meliodas’s appearance fool you. He’s currently Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and a former leader, Love, of the Ten Commandments. Although light-hearted and an utter pervert towards Elizabeth, Meliodas is not one to mess with. Especially when he utilizes a Full Counter on any attack. And this is prior to going full on Demon mode.

Source: Meliodas – “Seven Deadly Sins”

Meliodas loses his sense of control and recognizes no one when he goes berserk, and I mean no one, not even Elizabeth or the other six sins. Until he regains full control after some tedious mental torture and training with having to repeat his traumatic past experience and getting over the deaths (yes, plural) of his previous lover over and over again.

Source: Meliodas – “Seven Deadly Sins”

What more can you say about one of the Demon King’s sons, potential heir to the throne? Even he would give demon slayers like Guts and Tanjiro a run for their buck.


Honorable Mentions

Train Heartnet (Black Cat)

Not much of a madman after meeting Saya Minatsuki, but definitely the edgy old self during his assassin days is a stark comparison to his current self.

Train Heartnet
Source: Train Heartnet – “Black Cat”

Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

He’s not one to mess with nor is he always raging but the moment his Mr. Nice Guy mode turns off, it’s guns blazin’.

Vash the Stampede
Source: Vash the Stampede – “Trigun”

Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Personally, Sesshomaru’s demon form and silent rage mode seemed more terrifying at 5am in the morning compared to Inuyasha’s.

Source: Sesshomaru – “Inuyasha”

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