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Top 12 Must Watch Anime this Summer 2018

Top 12 Must Watch Anime this Summer 2018

Summer can mean a few things like Frolicking in unbearable humidity until your skin is a festering wreck or cuddling up next to the AC and binge-watching anime. Summer is almost here and we have a slew of great anime and much-anticipated sequels awaiting us this time around.

If you’re anything like me, you should be confused which summer anime you should watch and which is not worthy of your precious time. Don’t worry we got you covered, So here 12 anime series that you wouldn’t mind missing your vacation for.

12. Cells at Work

Aired: Jul 8, 2018

Genres: Comedy, Shounen

Hataraku Saibou is kind of like that but fewer children’s lives are endangered! Also known as Cells at Work, the show is a workplace comedy about anthropomorphized versions of cells within the human body. these different cells work tirelessly within the body, never resting for a moment, at any time willing to resist invading foreign entities like germs and viruses to the bitter end!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most importantly you’ll finally learn something beyond the fact that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. From Akane Shimizu, winner of Shounen Sirius’ Rookie of the Year Award, comes an informative tale about anthropomorphized cells!

11. Tsukumogami Kashimasu

Aired: Jul 23, 2018

Genres: Comedy, Demons, Historical, Slice of Life, Supernatural

If you loved the weird monster-filled bathhouse scenes of Spirited Away, then Tsukumogami Kashimasu is for you. Set during Japan’s Edo period, the story follows two siblings who run a rental shop providing supplies to people in their disaster-prone neighborhood.

But like a spooky version of The Flintstones, some of their supplies are actually sentient creatures, objects that have transformed into spirits over the years known as tsukumogami. To most patrons, they’re ordinary objects, but the brother and sister who run the shop can see them and talk to them.

10. Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger

Aired: Jul 12, 2018

Genres: Action, Historical, Horror, Supernatural, Vampire

The series takes place in the Imperial Capital of 1930. The music group, Jaegers, comes to town not only to entertain the masses but also to hunt vampires. Among their group is Yuliy, a young man with an unusual aura.

But he also has a dark secret: he’s a werewolf, and his entire village was slaughtered by vampires. Now Yuliy wants to avenge his people, but to that, he and the Jaegers must find the holy ark known as the Arc of Sirius.

9. Back Street Girls

Aired: Jul 4, 2018

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen

A group of 3 yakuza failed their boss for the last time. After messing up an important job, the boss gave them 2 choices: honorably commit suicide, or go to Thailand to get a sex reassignment surgery in order to become “female” idols.

After a gruesome year training to become idols, they successfully debut, with overwhelming popularity, much to their dismay. This is where their tragedy truly begins.

8. Calamity of the Zombie Girl

Aired: Jul 4, 2018

Genres: Action, Comedy, Horror, Psychological

A violent survival comedy. One day during the summer vacation, six undergraduate students accidentally wake up an Italian zombie girl named Jufrosine, who had been sleeping in the basement of the university building for one hundred years.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in the underground archive of a university where a maid named Alma V tells her “Madam, kill the students and retrieve the Secret Stone.” And based on the trailer, it looks like Euphrosyne has no problems in doing just that.

7. Asobi Asobase

Aired: Jul 8, 2018

Genres: Comedy, Drama, School

The comedy anime revolves around three classmates who spend their days playing games. Hanako, a bright and cheerful girl, plays a game with American transfer student, Olivia. But, their rambunctiousness annoys their classmate Kasumi, who dislikes playing games but this makes it impossible for her to improve her English.

So, Kasumi asks Olivia to help her, only to find out that despite her western appearance, she was actually born and raised in Japan and can barely speak English. Watch over these three girls’ surreal school-life comedy.

6. Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes

Aired: Jul 10, 2018

Genres: Mystery

Are you a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, like me: you will probably dig Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes. This show about a high school student named Aoi Mashiro and a dashing young appraiser named Kiyotaka Yagashira. who works at an antique store in Kyoto.

He and Aoi solve odd cases brought to them by various clients.

5. Angels of Death

Aired: Jul 6, 2018

Genres: Adventure, Horror, Psychological, Thriller

13-year old Rachel awakens to find herself trapped in the basement of an abandoned building. Without any memories or even a clue as to where she could be, she wanders the building, lost and dizzy. In her search, she comes across a man covered in bandages.

He introduces himself as Zack and he wields a grim-reaper like the sickle. The two search for a way to get out of this weird building and discover who put them there in the first place. But there will be many deadly obstacles in their way.

4. Overlord III

See Also

Aired: Jul 7, 2018

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural

After a climactic second season, Ainz Ooal Gown and his servants return for a third season. When we left off, Overlord II fans saw Ainz seeking to better understand this new world he find himself in.

Accompanying him are the members of his guild who traveled across the land seeking information and power. Ainz’s quests throughout the Re-Estize Kingdom has earned him a lot of fame and admiration, building a reputation that has garnered the attention of some powerful enemies.

3. Island

Aired: Jul 1, 2018

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi

Are you a big fan of American tv show lost, like me: you will probably love this anime. The anime follows an amnesiac young man, named Setsuna, who washes ashore on a mysterious island forgotten by the people of the mainland. The island, known as Urashima, is so lush and beautiful that you might mistake it for Eden.

However, the islanders live quite an unusual life, filled with a complicated past and long-established tradition. All of that changes when a mysterious man claiming to be from the future washes up on the shore. The man claims to be from the future, and he begins a solitary struggle to change the island’s fate.

2. Attack on Titan Season 3

Aired: Jul 8, 2018

Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Military, Mystery, Shounen, Super Power

Attack on Titan Season 2 ended with quite a Scream, leading fans to speculate where the apocalyptic series will go next. Fortunately, the waiting is almost over as the third season premieres this summer.


Season three will feature 24 episodes and looks as though it will explore the manga’s “Uprising” arc, which focuses on growing political intrigue and dissent within the Walls, creating just as much danger for our heroes inside as there is lurking outside.

1. Baki

Aired: Jun 25, 2018

Genres: Action, Martial Arts, Shounen

This Netflix’s original anime follows Baki Hanma, trains with an intense focus to become strong enough to surpass his father, Yujiro Hanma, the strongest fighter in the world. Five of the world’s most violent and brutal death row inmates are gathering to face Baki.

Their objective is to taste defeat their unmatched strength and skill have led them to grow bored of life itself, and they now seek out Baki in the hopes that he can overwhelm and utterly crush them. An epic showdown between violent death row inmates and Baki and his friends begins!

And those are the best anime series you need to watch this summer. Which are you most excited about? What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.




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