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Top 10 Yandere Characters in Anime

Top 10 Yandere Characters in Anime

5. Takami Minatsuki from Deadman Wonderland

Takami is one of the cleverest yandere’s out there. She’s not particularly lovesick so much as she is just crazy. However, she is crazy like a fox, or at least crazy enough to act sweet and innocent until she can murder everyone around her horribly.

Due to a childhood trauma involving her parents after an earthquake, she really has little to no trust in others upon her introduction, and her personal experiences tend to be a demonstration to what led to her behavior.

4. Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari

Nadeko Sengoku is the perfect example of a good girl gone mad out of love. She used to be a regular girl until she fell deeply in love with Koyomi.

Nadeko remained non-obsessive only until Shinobu’s provocation caused her to have an emotional breakdown. That’s when she thought it would be a good idea to eat a charm, which turned her into a psychotic oddity. Nadeko’s love for Koyomi then became a dangerous obsession.

3. Griffith From Berserk

Griffith has always carried himself in a well-mannered, exemplary fashion almost indistinguishable from that of nobility; his mannerisms, coupled with his keen intellect, often leave people astounded at his humble origins.

At the start of Berserk, Griffith declares he “owns” Guts, which at first most viewers take metaphorically, as though Guts owes Griffith a big favor. It’s only when we get later on into the series and Berserk starts down its demonic path do we realize that Griffith’s obsession with “owning” Guts goes far beyond that, straight into the creepy world of yandere.

2. Asakura Ryoko from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

In an overall mainstream sense outside the Yandere fandom, Ryoko is probably one of the most famous to the entire anime fandom. Ryoko is a popular student at Kyon and Haruhi’s school, and is one of its top students both academically and physically.

Though Ryoko is not at all romantically obsessed with anyone, her job in observing Haruhi is something that can nearly equate it in addition to being sweet on the outside, and homicidal on the inside. Just so she could see how Haruhi’s reactions would affect things, she attempted to kill Kyon, the closest thing to a best friend that Haruhi has.

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1. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary

Yuno is probably one of the top Yandere girls of modern anime. Her crush is Amano Yukiteru, who has a rather apathetic outlook towards life.

She is famous for her nasty habit of trying to kill Yukiteru’s friends, family, and enemies alike. She even tries to keep him as a drugged up prisoner so that he won’t leave her. She’s crazy, but lovable … but also really kind of terrifying.

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