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Top 10 Unforgettable Anime Anti-Heroes and Villains

Top 10 Unforgettable Anime Anti-Heroes and Villains

In every story, there is always a protagonist and an antagonist, a hero and a villain, the virtuous and the evil. And most of the time, we root for the good guys who themselves are the images of righteousness.

Though, we can’t deny that there are still undeniably awesome “bad guys” that we can’t stop ourselves idolizing them at some extent. With all of that being said, let’s check out these top 10 anime anti-heroes and villains and put them all I the spotlight.

10. Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

When we mention a good anime anti-hero, I bet there’s no seasoned otaku and weab out there who will forget this white haired badass anti-hero, Accelerator! Being the strongest Level 5 esper of the Academy City, he himself is a big ball of vanity and pride like other stereotype villains. So no wonder he accepted the offer of joining a messed up experiment to become the first Level 6 esper.And speaking of messed up, he just needs to kill 20,000 clones of our beloved tsundere, Mikoto Misaka (who is also a Level 5 esper) to achieve this.

But the experiment is eventually smashed into pieces along with his pride when Kamijo Touma, a mere Level 0 esper, butted in and beat the sense out of him. Thus, the all-powerful esper has been finally put down on his knees.

His story didn’t just ended up there. He gained his redemption for all of his wrong doings, when he saved Last Order, the last clone of Misaka, from demise, despite injuring himself gravely. With the sudden “change of heart”, there’s no doubt how Accelerator grew as a great character.

And also never forget, every badass character needs a loli by his side.

9. Altair (Re:CREATORS)

You know what crazy is? Of course, it is using a rifle and a saber as a violin to bring havoc. The amount of 4th wall breaking on this series is not enough to describe how OP this Military Uniform Princess is. With an arsenal of insane capabilities, thanks to hundreds of “Creators” who keep on adding stories and giving Altair unimaginable power ups, she is more than ready to destroy “our world”.

Grief-stricken by the suicide of Yuna Shimazaki, her original Creator, she crossed the boundary between fiction and reality to destroy the world that denied acceptance and happiness to her beloved author. Having a cunning and charismatic atmosphere with her, she managed to have a company of “Creations” sharing the same sentiment with her, making us wonder if we are the true villains.




Even though she is a formidable villain, deep inside, she is fragile and craves for deeply for her Creator’s affection. Hence, there is no wonder why some fans of this anime want to save her from her unjust misery.

8. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

He killed his own clan, except his younger brother, one ghastly night and eventually joins the shady group of Akatsuki. Itachi Uchiha was first seen as a bloody mass murderer and a traitor. On top of that, he has an insanely powerful and devastating arsenal of ninjutsu and genjutsu, destroying his opponents. No wonder why he was lumped together with other heinous personalities and Sasuke bear an extreme grudge against him.

But just like an old saying, the end justifies the means. And in this case, it really does. Being a member of ANBU himself, he know that his clan will eventually stage a coup against Konoha itself, besides discovering Madara’s hatred to the Uchiha clan, he then slaughtered virtually every one in his clan with the excuse of just testing his skills.

Sparing Sasuke from death and pulling strings behind, he sowed the seeds of vengeance to his younger brother. And hoping one day, he gonna have himself killed by Sasuke to redeem the tainted name of the Uchiha clan. Way to go, Itachi! There’s no reason why we can’t place him as one of the best onii-sama and exceptional villains in anime.

7. Akane Minagawa (Scum’s Wish)

This year, the whole anime community has been caught offguard with the whole premise of Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish), showing us the other side of romance genre anime.  And just like how all of the characters are unforgettable, there’s no way you will not remember this music teacher who started all of this mess, Akane Minagawa.

She is both attractive and seductive that she managed to lure men to her whims. And what makes her more despicable aside from sleeping with like every single guy she set her eyes upon. She really loves to see the tragic look of the women who feels jealousy and despair as she take the person they really care about. And she feels really really good when men shower him with “affection and attention”. Thus, it makes her the one of the worst scumbag characters in anime history.

Despite her notoriety, she is one of the most “likable” characters in the series. Not that because she is an easy to get woman that you can easily take home. The reason why is because despite her innate maliciousness, Kanai Narumi, her co-teacher, accepted her no matter who she is which is. And this is the first time she met someone “unbelievably dumb” like him. Thus, giving us a wishful thinking, and even rooting that she will turn a new leaf.

6. Chizome Akaguro aka “Hero Killer Stain” (My Hero Academia)


Undeniably, he is one of the most interesting anti-heroes in anime. Seeing no difference between villains and “fake heroes”, Stain is a fundamentalist whose sole desire is to bring back the true heroics. Thus, he cloaked himself as a vigilante cleaning the hero ranks from all impurities.

Just like Deku, he is first inspired to become a hero because of All Might’s debut. He was in awe, that he entered a private hero course high school, but to his dismay, he saw the dark side of heroics with wheels turning around money and fame. Utterly frustrated on the reality he saw, he dropped out the summer of that year and began preaching what a real hero is. Unfortunately, the masses ignore him, making his efforts futile.

Now Chizome is pushed on the corner, he decided that he himself should change the world of heroes for the better. The following decade, he trained himself to utilize his quirk’s potential. Unleashing his killing arts to every fake hero, he himself became a catalyst for both heroes and villains alike.

5. Assassin of Black, Jack the Ripper (Fate/Apocrypha)

Speaking of messed up villains, Assassin of Black is one of the most remarkable of this kind of characters. Based on the 19th century serial killer in England whose victims are prostitutes and leaving the scene without any trace, it is surprising and a bit logical why “he” is personified as a mad blade-wielding loli.


As a Servant, “they”, as what Jack commonly portray herself, are a contradiction “themselves”. Having an innocent yet cunning and murderous air around her, she tends to pay cruelty with cruelty and benevolence with benevolence, reflecting her messed up psyche.And strange enough, she has an innocent wish to the Grail, she just want go back to the safety of her mother.

According to the Fate lore, “they” are a collection of 10,000 infant souls who were aborted and dumped on Thames River.With an extreme desire to go back to their mother’s womb in order to feel the warmth and motherly love that once denied to them, they fused together into a single entity. Hence, that is the reason why “their” victims are all prostitutes whose bodies are brutally mutilated.

4. Hiro Shishigami (Inuyashiki)

Hiro seems to be your typical otaku high school student, but behind his good looks, he is a cold-hearted sociopath whose means of entertainment is slaughtering whole families. And you know what his utmost reason? He feels alive when he kills people.

He started his killing spree days after he accidentally have himself caught on an alien crash landing, obliterating both him and our protagonist, Inuyashiki. Now he is nothing but a living machine, he became anxious about his humanity until one day, he saw someone jumped on a train platform committing suicide. Unfortunately, this excites our villain making him a serial murderer.

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Even though it is not pointed out in the manga, you’ll notice how obvious it is why he kills family instead of random strangers. First of all, he grew up on a broken family. His father lives happily with another woman and their children, and he lives with his mother alone. With this frustration, that he can’t vent up to his father, which may result to some repercussions to his mother, he ended up killing families instead.

Despite the fact he is a lost cause, he still cares for his friend and his mother. And lately, we notice how he is supposed to turn a new leaf after hearing the words of his beloved mother. At that very moment, he knew he screwed up. And sadly, no matter how hard he tries to go back to the way he lives, there goes the reality that he needs to face his sins.Thus, this makes Hiro a tragedy himself.

3. Shogo Makishima (Psycho Pass)

In a world where someone can be easily designated as a criminal or not by simply pointing a “gun”, the world is a “cruel place” for Shogo Makishima. Despite having a murderous intent every single time and evn if he kill someone recently, his “hue” is still white making him immune to the Dominator. Thus, this makes him “innocent” of any crimes even if he committed any in plain sight.

He is labeled as a “criminally asymptomatic” individual. In a society which is constantly paranoid of their criminal coefficient, Makishima’s trait is desirable. But for him, this is some kind of a curse that leaves him behind his peers. Simply said, he just don’t feel he belongs to the society, so he controls and kills people, hoping someday someone will “recognize him as normal”.

Yes, he himself is an evil incarnate, but honestly, some of us can’t stop rooting for him because he aims to uncover the truth behind the Sibyl System. He also clearly showed how repressed people are. Hence, instead of turning towards the common good, it is more likely that the system itself destroys the society and turning everyone as living dolls with no will.

2. Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

It takes a greater evil to defeat evil, that’s the philosophy of Lelouch vi Britannia who behind the mask of Zero mobilizes the Black Knights to topple down the unjust Imperial rule of the Holy Britannia. And I guess you can’t deny how awesome his speeches and actions are that will keep you on the edge of your sit.

Albeit being a former prince of the empire he is fighting against, he bear an intense grudge against his father, no other than the emperor himself of Britannia, who “did nothing” when his mother got killed and his sister blinded and crippled. Exiled to Area 11, which was formerly known as Japan, Lelouch vowed that he gonna crush the empire with his own hands.

Naturally gifted with high intellect and a shrewd personality, and eventually with his fateful encounter with C.C. who later bestowed him the almighty ability of Geass, he rose to power and incites the Japanese for a common cause, to take back what was taken from them. So if you are one of the folks out there who haven’t watch this series yet, better set your eyes on this series and witness as he unfold his Machiavellian plot against the Holy Britannian Empire.

1. Light Yagami (Death Note)

The world today is rotten, a cold hard truth that we have to face every single day. And it takes someone with an unshakable resolve and fortitude to solve everything with one’s own hands. Light Yagami us a bright and promising student whose eyes are set on a world clear of evil, a world where justice and righteousness prevails. But his ideals and he himself are eventually twisted drastically after he got his hands on a supernatural notebook capable of killing people, the Death Note.

Amusing the bored Ryuk, the shinigami who dropped that murderous notebook, along his exploits, he started a bloody campaign to eliminate the evil from the world itself. He is a step closer to his ideal paradise and taking the name of justice and the god of the new world for himself, he crushed every single soul who gets on his way.

But his dream will remain only a dream as long as L, the genius detective whose history is left hidden behind the shadows. And it is up to him how he will deal with this formidable adversary, and make his ideals into a reality.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoy our today’s Top 10. Not all villains are bad, some of them are even epic in scale.



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