Top 10 Ugliest Anime Girls of All Time


Contains pictures of the gruesome abomination. Some of the pictures will be graphic and obscene that probably based on the artist’s mood of the day.

Your Face
Your Face

These selected women have the faces that will answer the long waited question- What would cross breed would look like if they had done that between animals and humans? seriously breaking an egg in the middle of the desert will have a better outline than these faces.

With that generous of a compliment. let’s get on with the list of woman who wants to be your wife no matter how many plungers you hit them with.

Masao – Shiki

Masao frm shiki

First of all, I know it’s a he, not a she. But I couldn’t hold this image, in my brain any longer, He looks like the reaction of any good-looking girl in anime when they see their boyfriends talking to a new good looking character. so I had to let it out.

Saeki Nobuko Shugo Chara

Saeki Nobuko
Saeki Nobuko

This face deserves to be stored in some special location. That special location being one piece side character’s side character list.

Lola one piece


Speaking of one piece, She may have the broken mirror face. But she makes up for it by being nice and being human. Which is pretty amazing.

Witch of the Waste- Moving Castle


As the name implies, What can you say about anyone who uses magic to keep her self looking good to get a man. Her character is much more sadistic in the novel.

Bertha Darker than black


No, it’s not a picture of a hole of a volcano. It’s a character from darker than black. This makes Pikachu’s reaction face The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Kokoro (one piece)


Another gem from one piece, She is the conductor for the sea train and she has a granddaughter, and I kid you not, her name is chimney. Did I forget to mention that she is a mermaid?

Catarina-One Piece


Whoever said Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is not a pirate sailing in the world of one piece. Meet the greatest the most dangerous female pirate to be imprisoned in impel down.

See Also

Old Lady Shiki

crazyoldlady SHIKI
crazy old lady SHIKI

Haven’t seen the anime yet! Just came across this image on the internet. And that’s how she earned her spot to be in this article.

Elizabeth Magi-The Labyrinth Of Magic


Whatever she doesn’t makeup by her face she does it by the glorious breast.

Gintama Catherine

gintama catherine
Gintama Catherine

She happens to be the first character that I know of. Who wanted to put an end to the stereotype that every character who looks likes a cat steals and robs for living.

Disclaimer: All of these are my own opinion and my personal belief. This ranking is not taken from any factual source or evidence. They are intended for fun and an entertainment article. Make up your own mind and get on with your life.

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