Top 10 Reasons Why Anime Is For Kids

TRIGGER WARNING – If you came here expecting a satirical “April fools” joke type of article, hate to break it to you, but this article is actually serious and you should reconsider your opinion after reading this.

Anime: Rosario + Vampire
What is meant by “for kids?”

When we say “Anime is for kids” that doesn’t mean you are automatically a kid for watching or enjoying anime.

Adults can enjoy anime as well, however having been involved in popular anime social media pages, I’ve come to understand that MOST anime fans watch anime for the wrong reasons.

Soy Faced Wojak Weeb

Yes, “adult” oriented anime exist,  but the primary argument is that mainstream anime is mainly enjoyed by kids, regardless of how violent or sexual the content might be. Critical thinking is not required to enjoy hyper violence and sexualization.

How do we define “kid”

When we say kid, we are talking about anyone who has not fully “grown up” yet regardless of their actual age.

A 30 year old NEET living in their parent’s basement is still a “kid” by our definition.

It was NOT always this way

While we believe modern anime “is for kids,” it was not always this way!

In the past, we have had masterpieces like Cowboy Bebpop, Evangelion, and Ghost in the Shell as MAINSTREAM shows. These shows were intended for young adults, teenagers, and adults alike, and required a certain degree of understanding about the real world to fully enjoy.


While there are still some modern anime that have similar themes to these shows, they are far and few in between and none of them are considered “mainstream” in today’s online otaku culture.

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

As Hayao Miyazaki reportedly explained, anime these days is mostly written by otakus for otakus and hardly reflects reality.

10. Intended Audience Leans Towards Immaturity

The intended audience of most shows are supposed to be able to identify with the main characters. In children’s movies, the main characters are usually kids. In adult movies, the main characters are usually adults. Some special types of movies try to capture both audiences by using teenagers at the main characters (this is where anime falls into).

Nico nico nii
Source: Nico Yazawa – “Love Live! School Idol Project”

Unfortunately, in the case of MOST anime, while the main characters may appear to be teenagers or adults, they usually act like children and have no sense of maturity or responsibilities.

The themes of many anime are often childish in nature from the intentions of the characters down to the “comedy” present in most mainstream anime today.

Example: Typical anime scenario is being stuck in a cave or having a girl sleep over at the main character’s house when their parents are not home. What type of person would be interested in watching this scenario?

9. Hyper Violence is for Kids

What type of child goes online screeching into the microphone when you play Call of Duty or any other violent video game? Mostly 12 year old kids whose parents use the xbox as a supplement for parenting.

There are so many videos spreading around that say “Anime is for kids” (sarcastically) while showing hyper violent video clips and then some snarky text after that usually says, “remind me why is anime for kids again?”

As if showing hyper violent content somehow proves that anime is more “adult?”

True adult themes revolve around concept, deep lore, and philosophical questions, we’ll use Evangelion as an example of an anime that works for “adult” themes and sadly, Evangelion is not very well understood or liked by newer generation of anime watchers.

When you as an entertainment consumer become more mature and cultured, you’ll begin to seek out meaning and deeper themes in your entertainment, not just senseless violence and shallow story. The “bad guys” aren’t just bad people and they actually have motives and intentions of their own.

When there’s depth and beauty to the story, the violence becomes even more artful and satisfying.

Violence (and sexualization) can be enjoyed by anyone with their brain turned off, this is why using violence as “proof” that anime is not for kids is flawed. The real difference between childish media and “adult” media is the requirement of critical thought.

8. Over Sexualization is Immature

I would stray away from saying that it is “for kids” because I know it’s not meant to be, but that doesn’t stop these kids from accessing those websites anyways.

You really think that anyone with an ounce of respect for themselves would unironically wear this jacket in public? Yet it was one of the most popular items at Anime Expo 2018 (not 2019 even though they tried to push it even harder than before).

7. Sexualization is NOT Comedy

Just search “Anime funny compilation” or “try not to laugh anime” and check out the thumbnails. Now I understand that these thumbnails are chosen usually to get quick clicks, but who the heck do you think is clicking on these?

A great example is “Konosuba,” an anime that, in my opinion, is NOT funny at all.

Here’s a challenge: watch this scene and try to break it down and explain what exactly is “funny” about it?

Is it funny because a lewdly dressed girl (seemingly oblivious and casual about it) has huge breasts bouncing around?

Is it funny because at the 1:28 mark, the main character makes a subtle rape joke?

Is it funny because she makes sexy noises that might make an adolescent teenager feel awkward and giggle at the same time?

Proof that anime is for kids

When you try to break down the “jokes” in many Konosuba scenes, it really just amounts to close sexual encounters in a very blatant way or relies heavily on the animation itself to substitute for the “joke” in the scene.

Basically when you break down this scene and try to explain how it’s supposed to be “funny,” the whole thing collapses to boobs and dicks. (Middle school humor at best).

Real adults who have had relationships or are married would not find this scene funny in any way. Perhaps slightly humorous and lighthearted, but not the type of content you’d want to dedicate hours of your life consuming.

This also explains the whole obsession with Hentai Haven and Fakku. These are not “men” of culture who go on these websites. If you had a 3D girlfriend, she would not approve of this and your relationship must be very problematic if you’re still into this stuff.

Unfortunately, so many people are, wear it on their clothing and casually post references to it online as if there is something respectable about it? “18+” but definitely not for adults? How does that end up working out? Only in anime and gaming.

6. The Dub vs Sub Debate

Probably the most childish debate in the community is the debate of Dub vs. Sub.

People who have never accomplished anything in their life have to grasp onto something so insignificant and little to feel a sense of superiority over others.

It happens in all walks of life when you are dealing with immature children. When it comes to anime, the whole Sub vs. Dub debate is completely childish, but it is so prevalent because most people watching and discussing anime online are childish kids.

Why is this debate to prevalent? Basically the SUB ONLY people make the false pretense that reading Japanese subtitles is equivalent to being more culturally enriched or closer to the source material (WEEBS!) or they believe that they are using more brain power by reading subtitles.

I do agree that for certain anime, the dub can be hard to watch and I would prefer watching Subbed anime, particularly when there is a female lead and the show is supposed to be SAD.

However, when it comes to action anime, English dub is almost always better. (Example: FMA Brotherhood). This is because japanese action scenes often involve two main things:

  1. Anime action scenes have a lot of exposition. The characters explain key motivations or story revelations during their fighting scenes.
  2. When there’s intense screaming, Japanese male voice actors tend to sound like screeching little girls most of the time and it totally kills the vibe of the scene. (Not in all anime, but especially if the main characters are younger males.)

See what I just did there?

I explained a situation in which DUB is better and another situation in which I think SUB is better. When you become an adult, you will learn to think more objectively rather than just picking a side and acting superior to everyone who disagrees with you.

5. “Oh You Liked the Anime? Well I Read the Manga First!”

Basically the same reasoning as the Sub vs. Dub debate.

It’s stupid, immature, and pathetic. Anyone who would use this as an excuse to elevate themselves or seek praise is an immature child, yet so many do it.

4. DBZ Fans

It’s extremely cringey to see so many 30+ year old DBZ fans still.

These are mostly dudes in their 30’s who are obsessed with DBZ, One Piece, Naruto, etc (aka kids shows).

I understand that there is nostalgia aspect to this, but seriously, these are definitely shows geared towards children. What are you doing with your life when your tastes haven’t evolved beyond this?

It’s okay to like these shows for nostalgia aspect or have general respect for the old shows, but I see way too many older dudes getting gitty about the new DBZ and related one-offs.

3. Adolescent Fantasy

Many of the themes and scenarios in anime are outright unrealistic. One of my biggest criticisms of Anime is that female characters in anime are often void of actual personality and are merely there as plot devices or for sexual appeal.

Typically in Anime, the FEMALE is the one who has a secret crush on the boy. The male lead is often oblivious to all the girls surrounding him and very clearly in love with him. The girls are usually always the first to express feelings of love to the generic looking male lead.

Anime: In Another World With My Smartphone

Let’s be honest, this NEVER happens in real life!

“Of course, it’s a show, it’s not supposed to be realistic!”

But when practically every modern anime is predictable in this manner, it makes the medium less enjoyable and starts to infect the minds of people who never had a girlfriend in their life into believing that this is actually how girls interact.

See Also

They post embarrassing confessions on reddit about how some girl rejected them and things didn’t go as expected and slowly stoop into a depression. This is not healthy and causes people to further regress into NEET lifestyle as they lose contact with reality in favor of delving in their own perverted 2D fantasies.

Weebs are extremely awkward when interacting with individuals of the opposite sex. This is very prevalent if you have ever been part of an anime club or attend anime conventions.

2. The Proliferation of Piracy

It’s an industry wide epidemic that is causing anime studios and content creators to suffer greatly. Not only that, but the quality of the content has seriously deteriorated.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions like “Guys, I really NEED to know where I could watch the best free anime online? I need it now!”

What is wrong with you people that you are not willing to financially support something that supposedly defines your life and passion?

“But sir, I don’t have a job or I can’t afford it?”

Yeah, because you’re still a kid leeching off other people’s hard work.

This video probably sums up your existence?

Smug Mascot

You’re telling me you can’t afford a $6/month subscription?

“But but the selection… I would have to subscribe to 2 or 3 of these services to get all the anime I want. The industry is corrupt, it’s not my fault! Exclusive licenses ruin everything!!!”

Actually, if you were an adult with a real job and responsibilities you wouldn’t be thinking about subscribing to multiple services because you wouldn’t have so much time to stream all that anime anyways!

1. Because Anime is Cartoons

Yup! Basically sums it up. Post this phrase online and everyone goes NUTS!

There’s a reason you minimize the screen every time your mom walks in your room right? Or you never say “anime music” when people ask you what type of music you listen to?

Because you’re 20+ years old and you’re still watching cartoons.

In The End, Anime Is Still Awesome Though

There’s still a place in my heart for anime. This was not meant to trash anime at all or the people who enjoy it.

Rather, this was meant to trash actual trash anime that is becoming increasingly popular while having zero entertainment value. The anime industry is going the way of the American movie industry and taking less and less risks. The end product ends up being stale and boring.

I love anime and I hate to see it turn out like this. I always look nostalgically back on the good old days.

I am sure anime has helped all of us get through tough times in life. I know it sure has helped me when days were dark.

If you enjoy anime and have a passion for it, that’s great! But you should never let a medium of entertainment that you only consume, define your entire identity and life.

You Will Never Enjoy Anime the Same Way Again

This is a sad truth of life, but as you get older and become more mature, you will start to find anime less and less enjoyable. You wont be able to identify with the scenarios or find the characters interesting.

You will NEVER be able to relive the golden age of anime that many of you have or will experience when you start watching anime during your high school – college years.

Anime: Re:Zero

There’s something magical about this time in your life that you can never get back, and being able to totally escape from your responsibilities and dive into the world of anime is a gift that you can never fully experience again when you reach a certain level of adulthood.

So make the best of it!

Don’t worry, of course there are many great things to appreciate in life beyond anime. But you’ll have to discover these for yourself when you progress through life, everyone has a different path but at least we all can share a love for anime (even if you grew up with worse anime than I did!)

Disclaimer: This artist is 100% our personal opinion. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the rest of the UltraMunch staff, owners, clients, sponsors, or advertisers. This article was mostly written for the click bait anyways. 

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