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Top 10 One Piece Opening Themes

Top 10 One Piece Opening Themes

The word “Nakama” will enter into one’s brain in one way or the other if you watch anime frequently in your life. The word Nakama entered my brain through the magic of One Piece.

One Piece
One Piece

This anime was about everything you will get to see on other animes but it was more wholesome, funny, long (really really really long) and had solid music to back everything to the point of solid entertainment. The music in the series as you expect from a long-running show, it is indeed good. Here is the list of One Piece songs that almost made you put a sail attached to a stick on your vehicle to set sails.

10. Share the Music

It is just so good. It is so good even the title does the marketing for the music. That’s how good this music is.

9.Crazy Rainbow

An old one but it still sounds good as new. Check it out!

8. Hope

7. Hands Up

Great opening to one of the great arc in the series. Where the crew takes on the most douchebag-est shichibukai.

6. To the Light

This such an underrated track. Although this song is the third opening of this series. It sounds great and it has the chill laid out vibes at the beginning and amps it all the way up to full fight mode in the middle.

5. We Go!

Opening to the new world after a two-year break. Every character acted like they are playing a game on New Game +.

4.Bon Voyage

This song tells the story of each character and gives us a glance at their dark past and their reason for being on the ship with Luffy all the while backing that up with good vibes at the end.

3. Wake Up

The dialogue exchange between Luffy and Blackbeard is so iconic which makes this opening a thousand times better than the rest. Where Luffy sticks to his motto of “I’m gonna become the pirate king“.

2. Brand New World

You know a one piece song is better if it kicks off with people running toward you. This opening features ‘Gear Secondo’, which is just such a dragon ball z super sayian thing to see.

See Also

1. We Are!

When I started watching one piece for the first time (which was in 2015). I thought this anime will have somewhere around 80-95 episodes. Funny how that turned out. This is by far the best of the best song to open the vault of 800 One Piece episodes.

And speaking of the best, this one is so good it doesn’t even have any number.

This has to be the best moment for me in the series.

Disclaimer: All of these viewpoints are made from a subjective based. Not to be taken seriously or lost sleep over it or even write a fan-ny comment about it.



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