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Top 10 Must See Anime Trailers

Top 10 Must See Anime Trailers

ghost in the cell

Expect drum rolls, orchestra music, and somebody saying something about who they are… After that, the whole scene breaks into a guitar solo.

ghost in the cell
ghost in the cell

Then it all comes to an end when you see flying exploding or glittering Japanese letters on your screen; Finally, you will know that we’e come to the end of the trailer.

10.Ghost in the Shell

Here’s a classic to get rid of the bad taste of the reboot from your mouth.

9.Cowboy Bebop

The trailer also includes the iconic bebop’s opening track. Which makes this trailer a great introduction to the series.


It kicks off with banging of the drums & string of the guitar and stays that way all the way to the end.

7.Samurai 7

This trailer has one of those starts off slow and gives everything out after fifteen seconds to the trailer.

6.Samurai Champloo

This trailer tells the story. But it would’ve been so much better if they added the music of the opening track to this anime. The opening track of this anime was so good to listen to and also this anime closes the whole series with a better one too.

5.Spirited Away

The re-release of this movie crushed the highly anticipated toy story 4 in the box office. This is how this movie is.

4.Princess Mononoke

You can’t expect the trailer of a seventh-highest-grossing anime film of all time to be good.

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3.Attack On Titan

This was perfect back then, even it looks better after you have seen what this series had to offer.

2. Redline

Perfect instrument and the editing for a racing anime.


The best to ever drop. Will – Now – Forever

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