Top 10 Cutest Girl YuGiOh Cards Witches, Magicians, and More!

YuGiOh has evolved from generic monsters and iconic dragons to a more “anime” style artwork recently. When it comes to anime, you know we have to talk about anime girls!

Here is a list I have curated of the top Girl Yu-Gi-Oh Cards! I’ve always wanted to make an all girl, cute deck, but I have never been able to successfully make a formidable all girls deck since most of the cards have very specific effects and rely on other cards in the genre to work! Anyways, here’s the list!

10. Dark Magician Girl

The classic! I have to start with this card first because most lists I’ve seen ALWAYS have Dark Magician girl listed at the top. Yeah she’s an iconic character, but from anime standards, she’s not really that special. For YuGiOh standards, back in the day, she was one of the few humanoid female characters. These days it is a different playing field! But she is still a cute character.

The artwork above is from the YuGiOh 2017 Movie Pack edition. There are other variations of the art that I like as well such as the ones below:

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9. Ghost Reaper Winter Cherries

Not only is the artwork and character extremely cute, but this card’s effect is extremely desirable in modern extra deck plays.

The price has dropped significantly since it first came out. Now you can get it for about $1.80 here.

8. Downerd Magician

Honestly, the effect of this card isn’t too crazy, I just like the artwork! Who doesn’t like that wicked smart anime girl who is passionate about her trade.

Purple hair on anime girls usually reflect smart and intelligent girls.

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7. Harpie Dancer

Another classic, of course the Japanese card art was censored on the English version.

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6. Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight

Unlike other Dark Magician Girl cards, we got to see a good angle of the Dark Magician Girl and her effect on this card can come in handy for certain situations. Using Eye of Timaeus you can easily summon her.

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5. Alchemic Magician

A cute magician with a nice card artwork style. While her summoning requirements seem quite high, if you have the right deck setup, you can basically search your deck for any spell card! This is a cute and powerful card!

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4. Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn

A beautiful, noble woman, with a nice pet! The effect is nothing to write home about, but it works for Lightsworn cards.

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3. Aromage Rosemary

The artwork and colors are beautiful, the character design is nice! While the art is amazing, this card seems to be restricted to plant decks.

See Also

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Here is another version of this girl as a butterfly! So cute!

Source: Dyunasumon on ZeroChan

See more fan art here!

2. Sky Striker Ace – Raye

This looks like a character straight out of an anime! Love the design and the artwork, it’s amazing!

Source: Dyunasumon on ZeroCHan

See more fan art here!

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1. Ghostrick Angle of Mischief

The artwork for this card is incredible! It is the perfect blend of a cute girl, great art, and a little bit of attitude! I love the design of this card. The effect is very interesting that can win the duel! Overall fantastic card and beautiful girl for YuGiOh!

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This card also has some great fan art as well:

Source: Artwork by Meyly on ZeroChan

See more awesome fan art here!


In the end, It’s going to be very difficult to make a pure beautiful girl deck because all the best girls have such unique and specific effects that may not work together.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to post in the comments below!

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