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Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You Confirms Second Season

Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You Confirms Second Season

The comedy anime will be returning for a second season! Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You, the anime of Kenjirō Hata‘s Fly Me to the Moon (Tonikaku Kawaii) manga, has announced that the anime will have a new episode as well as a second season.


Warner Bros. Japan confirmed the new episode and upcoming season. A teaser trailer and visual have been released. The sequel will feature a returning cast and staff. Furthermore, Crunchyroll confirms that the TV anime will stream on its platform as it airs in Japan.


Crunchyroll describes the series as such:

Nasa Yuzaki falls in love at first sight after an encounter with the mysterious Tsukasa. When Nasa earnestly confesses his feelings, she replies, “I’ll date you, but only if we’re married.” Nasa and Tsukasa’s cute and precious newlywed life of love is about to begin! 

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Poster, sourced from Twitter


The cast includes:

  • Akari Kito as Tsukasa Yuzaki
  • Junya Enoki as Nasa Yuzaki
  • Yu Serizawa as Kaname Arisugawa
  • Sumire Uesaka as Aya Arisugawa
  • Konomi Kohara as Chitose Kaginoji

The staff includes:

  • Hiroshi Ikehata as Director
  • Kazuho Hyodo for series composition
  • Masakatsu Sasaki for character design
  • Endo for music
  • Seven Arcs on animation production

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