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This New Booba Trend is Sweeping Japan By Storm

This New Booba Trend is Sweeping Japan By Storm

There is no shortage of weird and hilarious trends in Japan.

May the power of Breast compels you

This new trend includes the power of the majestic breast (yes, it was not a typo in the title). That is the reason why this new trend is spreading around the country like a wildfire; It includes the weakness of every NEET degenerate on this planet.

A manga writer goes by the name of Kieski Himura has been posting his illustrations on his twitter account for over 4 years now. A recent post of his struck the Japanese between their chest.

This new trend is holding a drink between your cups. If you have the breast for it, go ahead show the world what your breast can do for humanity. Use the hashtag , which means “Hands-Free Tapioca”.

Here is the look at the people who took up the challenge.

Just like the cat shaped boob cut out shirt trend not too long ago, this trend will probably pass quickly.

Regarding the nature of this trend, there’s just not enough source material for everyone to participate!

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