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This Loli Spy Anime Actually Looks Very Promising!

This Loli Spy Anime Actually Looks Very Promising!

It’s not too often that I am impressed with any anime themed around lolis. Usually, I am expecting some fun adventure type anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously, like Girls Und Panzer or High School Fleet (Very good anime) but this anime featuring loli spies is actually looking very promising and might be the anime that saves the current decaying loli genre. We’re getting too much degenerate meme loli series and not enough truly great loli series like we had in the past with Girls Und Panzer.

The title of this anime is Princess Principal and it is slated for June 30th, 2017!

Bloody Awesome Trailer

First thing we notice is the animation and production quality looks absolutely fantastic. The scene at 0:33 where the guy literally gets blown into pieces is just a fantastic piece of action and animation. I don’t think this is going to be your typical, silly loli series (Though I’m sure it will have plenty of cute moments.)

The character design is quite interesting and I can tell that most likely a theme of story may be the “underestimation” of the girls true capabilities. I’m sure they are prepared to kill if they have to. It’s only a matter of days before this anime hits, June 30th, 2017!

Cute Design

It looks like these girls have some sort of transformation from their normal selves into their “spy” versions that, of course, feature clothing which covers less! This is expected of an anime like this, at least the designs look interesting.


It looks like the character designs utilize a more realistic hair color, which is common among animes like this. Generally, when the anime features more realistic hair coloring, we can expect a more realistic and down to earth type of story… well sort of, keep lolis in mind of course!

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The characters look interesting so I’m excited about this one!

Hopefully, we will have a full review out on the first season when it airs! I can’t wait for this one! What I am looking most forward to is seeing an anime that potentially, will have a unique story and concept with some cute lolis splashed in the mix. We’ll see if it delivers, the trailer definitely screams that this anime is going to be unique, bloody, and fun!

I understand that this type of show isn’t for everyone and even the word “loli” might turn some people off from it, but I think based on some scenes in the trailer, this is going to be pretty good. Probably not anime of the year material, but definitely, I think at least a 7/10!

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