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This Japanese Udon Noodle Blanket is Pure Genius

This Japanese Udon Noodle Blanket is Pure Genius


Last time we did a “weird stuff from Japan” segment on a fake bicep with speakers  with a picture of an anime boy glued on it, now we’re here to present an ingenious (but strange looking) Japanese Udon Noodle blanket!


This is a blanket you can cover yourself with OR poke your legs through at any time and almost any place. Perfect for those who have warm legs at night.


Kyoto-based Golden Field company got the idea of making this masterpiece, the only possible way you think they did, by staring a plate of udon noodles. It all started with when the company decided to rethink the idea of bedding, how the user would get most out of the blanket. They were not coming up with anything that matched their tangling imagination.

When dark clouds appear in the midst of sunshine, as the company looked at the dark sky stood still as the rain poured over them, thinking about giving up on achieving the true comfort of human sleepiness. Then they went to a restaurant and BAM rest is history!

udon Blanket

It is said to give you more comfort and the warmth between your legs because just look at it.

Golden Field says,

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is that Udon for Sleeping lets you warm your body, creating the optimal condition in which to fall asleep, but also to keep your core temperature cool enough so that you’ll sleep deeply until morning, instead of waking up sweaty and unrested half-way through the night in order to kick off excess covers.

If you want to feel the warmth between your legs you better sit next to a bonfire with your legs wide open because this product is sold out. It costs $156 and you can get them by going to their official website. Check out the website if you are one of those people who are sick of pulling up the blanket and it put it back in. Now with this wonderful thing you just go through it.

source: SN24

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