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The Truth About Shueisha Reportedly Locking Twitter Accounts!

The Truth About Shueisha Reportedly Locking Twitter Accounts!

Shueisha is Cracking Down on Tweets & Affiliated Accounts

Numerous Twitter users woke up on the morning of January 8 to discover that their accounts had received a copyright strike, as it seems that Japanese manga producer, Shueisha, has begun targeting tweets that contain uploaded images of their famous intellectual properties.

Here are a few tweets that shook the Anime & Gaming fanbase that day:

“Shueisha” and “Shueisha copyright” began trending on Twitter on Friday, as users started sharing some of the messages informing them of a copyright strike and that certain tweets have been blocked from view.

“Are. You. Kidding. Me? A GIF. I got locked down by SHUEISHA on Twitter for a GIF,” one user wrote. “If they can do this once they can do it again and ill lose my account for SHARING A DRAGON BALL GIF. Watch out, guys.”

It seems that images or clips of the series Dragon Ball, Black Clover, and One Piece are the biggest issues but according to some users, the crackdown involves just about all of Shueisha’s properties.

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Arthur -Library of Ohara, one of the popular anime theorist Twitter DP, was copyright struck and for the wrong reason. His display picture is a fanart and that made everyone wonder why, summarily, Shueisha is being an a**.

The Truth Comes Out on Jan 10

Later, Arthur clarified the full matter on January 10. Apparently, it wasn’t SHUEISHA. Thanks, Arthur, for the info!

So, basically, a male Twitter user harassed & blackmailed a female content creator– potentially compromising her livelihood, not to mention, the livelihoods of other content creators. All while smearing multiple international publishing companies and implicating Twitter…who’s suing him NOW?

Anyway, what do you think of this scandal? Let us know in the comments.

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