The Best One Piece Photography and Cosplay We’ve Seen (From Japan)

Although at times the show may feel like a huge stretch, One Piece still has a few memorable moments all fans can relate to.

We want to share some of the amazing cosplay / photography from らるは! The photographer has given us permission to feature these photos.

one piece cosplay photography best
This picture’s photographer is らるは

At that point in the story (photos below), Nami was all about keeping all the treasure for herself, and not caring a little bit about the crew in the ship. She lived by the rule of “Survival of the Theif-est”.

Basically, we never got to the side of Nami that turned into the Catwoman of the show. That’s why this moment, still is one of the best from One Piece.

This picture’s photographer is らるは

Creating this in real-life with the same emotion is an incredible accomplishment.

It’s very difficult to take anime moments into real life without being cringey, but somehow this photographer manages to do it right!

This picture’s photographer is らるは

And the best of all…

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This picture’s photographer is らるは

This goes on to show, if you’re passionate and know what you’re doing, you can always pull off something amazing and beautiful. This work of art can be done without being self-absorbed or unaware of the emotion being presented.

It’s hard to come across great cosplay combined with incredible photography. You should cherish these moments and follow the photographer!


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