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Technoroid Overmind Anime Reveals Premiere Date

Technoroid Overmind Anime Reveals Premiere Date

The official website for Technoroid Overmind — the television anime portion of Noriyasu AgematsuRUCCA, and Elements Garden‘s Technoroid multimedia project — has announced that the anime will premiere in July on TV Tokyo and other channels.

Titled Technoroid Overmind, the series will bring viewers into the world of the project — which, in the future, is largely underwater. Androids and robots now do the work that humans can’t, which includes keeping said humans entertained. Our stars are four ownerless androids, fighting their way to the top of an entertainment tower known as Babel to challenge its reigning champions.


The website also revealed a teaser visual (below) featuring the groups, KNoCC and Stand-Alone.

New Key Visual, Sourced from Twitter

This project has several other activities leading up to the premiere. A “Technoroid Fair” will be taking place on April 1-24 at CYBER ANIME STORE and select Animate locations.

Buying at least 1,100 yen worth of Technoroid goods will net you a special gift of either a postcard or a bromide.

Staff Members

The staff for the project has been announced and they are Ka Hee Im (episode director on Aikatsu Stars!Aikatsu Friends!Sonny BoyYashahime: Princess Half-Demon) directing the anime at Doga Kobo and Ai Yoshimura (director on Blue Spring RideDance with DevilsMy Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) is supervising. Ayumi Sekine (IDOLiSH7Makura no DanshiThe Night Beyond the Tricornered Window) is in charge of the series scripts, and Saori Sakiguchi (number24) is designing the characters based on the original designs by LAM (takt op. Destiny).

Elements Garden (music composer for Uta no Prince SamaSymphogear franchises) and RUCCA (theme song lyrics for ID: INVADEDBloom Into You) are composing the music, and Yukio Nagasaki is directing the sound. LAM and Katō’s Rai-Rai Public Company, Ltd. created the title and logo. LOGIC&MAGIC is producing the CG.


Cast List

Cast members include:

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  • Kazuki Ura as Cobalt
  • Satoi Shibuya as Chrom
  • Hiromu Mineta as Kei
  • kayto as Neon


  • Makoto Furukawa as Kite
  • Keigo Hagiya as Light
  • Gakuto Kajiwara as Night


  • Junya Enoki as Silve
  • Takeo Ōtsuka as Auru
  • Akito Sugibayashi as Lana
  • Shugo Nakamura as Zin

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