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Irasshaimase! (いらっしゃいませ)! (Welcome)!

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Welcome to the learn Japanese Series with fun themed quizzes for your weekly Ni Hongo (にほんご|日本語) learning progress!

Let’s touch on a little Sushi Culture, shall we?

Sushi is one of the most notable delicacy in Japanese cuisine. It is also the epitome of the underlying Japanese culture, simple yet refined.

Many people assume that all sushi is made with raw fish, but in fact, there are many types that are made with cooked toppings. There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan choices, ie. Inari zushi (いなりずし) (a la fried tofu pouch stuffed with sushi rice)

As well as Wakame Gunkan Maki (わかめぐんかんまき)(Seaweed “Battleship” Roll because the shape is reminiscent of one, a la pickled umami kelp a top sushi rice).  Sushi rice is actually vinegar infused rice, and sushi is typically dipped in Shoyu (しょうゆ) (Soy Sauce) before eaten.

Seaweed Gunkanmaki, Source: TripAdvisor

Popular Sushi toppings:

1. 蝦 🦐 (Shrimp)(Ebi) えび 

Source: Pexels “Chevanon Photography”

2. 玉子🥚(Tamago)(Egg) たまご

Sushi Daidokoya @ Shibuya, Tokyo – Photo by Andrew Taraba

Here is a video of how a chef has refined her Tamagoyaki recipe, it is all the more intricate and technically demanding. To be honest, it looks like fluffy cake on sushi rice. (☆ω☆*)!!!


3. 鮪 (Maguro)(Tuna) まぐろ 

Wasabi Sushi – Photo by Andrew Taraba

4.  とろ (Toro) (Fatty Tuna) 

Wasabi Sushi – Photo by Andrew Taraba

5. いか 🦑 (Ika) (Squid) 

Source: Unsplash “Spencer Chow”

6.たこ 🐙 (Tako) (Octapus) 

Source: Pixabay “Cegoh”

7. うに (Uni) (Sea Urchin) 

Ginza Sushi – Photo by Andrew Taraba

Uni is actually Sea Urchin Roe, this is how they look like right from the sea.

Tsukiji Market – Photo by Andrew Taraba

8. いくら (Ikura) (Salmon Roe) 

Sushi Daidokoya @ Shibuya, Tokyo – Photo by Andrew Taraba

9. 鮭 (Sakeさけ) (Salmonサーモン) 

Gansozushi @ Nakano, Tokyo – Photo by Andrew Taraba

10. 鮭 (Hamachi) (Yellowtail) はまち

Somewhere in Tokyo – Photo by Andrew Taraba

Above listed with pressed sushi rice topped with a piece of fish, shellfish, or roe and seasoned with Wasabi (わさび)(Green Horseradish) are called Nigiri sushi (にぎりすし).

AnimeWorld mascot eating sushi

Most Maki Sushi (まきすし| 巻き寿司) , rolled up sushi rice with various ingredients,  have nori (のり) seaweed on the outside, but some also have it on the inside.

Source: Crunchyroll

Temaki Sushi (てまきすし| 手巻き寿司)  very similar to Maki sushi is rolled into a cone shape by hand (手). It is one of the easiest style to DIY at home! You pick your favorite ingredients and just roll~~~

Source: Giphy.com

Chirashi Sushi (ちらし寿司) is a box filled with various toppings and yummy ingredients placed beautifully over a bed of sushi rice.

Source: Pixabay “Cegoh”

If you have not been to a Kaiten Sushi (かいてんすし| 回転寿司) , a.k.a. Conveyor belt Sushi Restaurant, I definitely recommend visiting one to maximize the sushi eating experience! Here is an example of one, you can keep your plates to exchange for collectibles and prizes!    ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

See Also


Here is also a video of the proper way to eat 寿司.


There you go! I hope you learned plenty in this little post! I am super hungry now writing about of of this!

Quick Reference Sheet

English Pronunciation Hiragana Kanji
Shrimp Ebi えび 蝦
Egg Tamago たまご 玉子
Tuna Maguro まぐろ 鮪
Fatty Tuna Toro とろ N/a
Squid Ika いか N/a
Octapus Tako たこ N/a
Sea Urchin Uni うに N/a
Salmon Roe Ikura いくら N/a
Yellowtail Hamachi はまち 鮭

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