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Steins; Gate 0 Character Models with visuals Revealed

Steins; Gate 0 Character Models with visuals Revealed


Stein gate’s official website has launched. They released the character illustrations and visuals for the new upcoming season of stein gate series ‘steins; Gate0 ‘. Which is coming out this April. Not only that, they even released a promotional video of the anime.

Stien Gate was the anime about, 2 nerds who unintentionally developed a time travel machine that can carry up to 36 bytes of characters (36 English Characters/18 Japanese Characters) at a single time.You can’t send a human body to the past but you can send 3 shock emojis right next to 6 eggplants! If you are into sci-fi, time travel, paradox mumbo jumbo. Then this is the show that’ll consume more of the conspiracy part of your brain (In a good way).

In addition to how good this show is and I’m gonna take it little further to tell you, how authentic it really feels. When it comes to the originality, Time-travel theories, explaining the grandfather paradox in simple, yet in the mind-bending chain of events.

Here is the new visual:

Stein gate

Here are the character details:

Rintarou Okabe – Looks like he’s ready for some action at somebody’s funeral.

Rintarou Okabe Mamoru Miyano
Stein gate

Mayuri Shiina – ‘Snake’ from metal gear solid V.

Mayuri Shiina Kana Hanazawa

Itaru Hashida – Constuction worker, who can’t stop eating pizzas.

Itaru Hashida

Kurisu Makise – The one from America because she will keep saying until you remember it forever.

Kurisu Makise

Moeka Kiryu – The one you have the crush on!

Luka Urushibara – Bruce Jenner!

Faris Nyan-Nyan – Stereotype of Japanese maids.

Suzuha Amane – The one from the future.

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Maho Hiyajou – The one who has too much hair but less maintained. It looks like her head went supersayion but all the power ray moving downwards.

Kagari Shiina – American girl, when she was little.

Yuki Amane – The one that says ‘Bonjour!’ to start a conversation than going for how are you?

For all the people out there who haven’t seen the show, you should!

There will be a stage event of this series at anime japan 2018. and all the voice actors will be there.

Source: Stein Gate Official Website

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