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Square Enix Held “Final Fantasy XIV” Fan Festival for New Expansion

Square Enix Held “Final Fantasy XIV” Fan Festival for New Expansion

The popular and critically acclaimed MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, held its digital fan festival this past weekend. It was accompanied by information about the new “Endwalker” expansion, including a new job for players, story updates, and new raids. The game has seen impressive growth in the last couple of years, boasting over 25 million players as of this writing.

“Endwalker” is the newest expansion following 2019’s “Shadowbringers” and it was announced in February 2021. The expansion is set to release on November 23, 2021.

New Jobs

Two new jobs will be introduced in “Endwalker”. Sage, a healer class that utilizes shields and lasers called Noulilths, and Reaper, a melee DPS class that fights front and center on the battlefield wielding a large scythe.

Since the expansion was announced, many fans excitedly tried to guess what the new jobs would be with some of the guesses being “Templar”, “Necromancer”, and “Mystic Knight.”

Game Director, Naoki Yoshida, even went the extra mile and went on stage cosplaying as a Reaper. Other changes to jobs include the Astrologian getting a rework to make it into a pure healing class and belts will be removed as equipment altogether.

New Places to See and Raid

Players will enjoy seeing the new environments that the story will go to and socializing with other players. New locations include Old Sharlayan, a beautiful city by the sea home to academics, Radz-At-Han, a colorful city based on Indian culture, and Garlemald, the industrial capital of the empire.

Characteristic of an MMORPG, there is an abundance of new dungeons and raids in this expansion such as the fight involving Anima– the perverse monster from Final Fantasy X– and two new high-end raids called Pandaemonium and Myths of the Realm.

At this point, we know very little about what these raids will have, apart from their themes. Pandaemonium involves long-time villain, Lahabrea, and Myth of the Realm involves the game’s twelve gods.

Fans Are Happy

The fan festival had various announcements that made many fans happy, such as the inclusion of a male gender for the Viera race, something that many fans clamored for since the race was introduced. The Hrothgar race will get a similar treatment with the addition of a female gender but that’ll come much later as it requires more work to implement.

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Other additions include a new residential district for players to buy houses in and a brand-new data center for Oceania, a part of the world that covers Australia, Polynesia, and New Zealand.

A new PVP mode will be added but news on this mode has been slim. Square Enix also shared some new merch as well such as a collaboration with guitar manufacturer, Fender, to create a beautiful guitar based on the game’s themes.

The fan festival ended with the startling news that long-time composer Masayoshi Soken had a months-long battle with cancer. The news came as a shock to many as Soken kept the diagnosis to himself excepting a few select people. The game’s director, Yoshida, even broke down crying in several instances. Fortunately, his cancer is in remission and the community came together to show support.

All in all, fans loved the festival and many are looking forward to November 23. But how about you? Are you excited too?

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