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Spongebob Anime Episode 1 Released

Spongebob Anime Episode 1 Released

The long anticipated Spongebob Anime has finally released!

Nope, this isn’t just an OP / ED, this is a full blown anime episode.

The 14 Minutes long Season 1, Episode 1 Spongebob Anime is available for free on YouTube.

Watch it Here

Voice Actors Involved

We want to recognize the voice actors who helped make this happen!

Bubble Bass/Mr.Krabs: @JohnWangVO

Patrick: @gouryu007

Sandy: @Saki__Yukino

Squidward: @nicole_inu398

Audience Reception

So far, the anime has been well received by the Spongebob community.

See Also

Even Japanese audiences were seen praising the anime.

Of course, the main villain hasn’t appeared yet…

Perhaps episode 2 will reveal the show’s main villain or Spongebob’s origin story.

What Do You Think?

Is this the next ground breaking anime we have been waiting for?

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