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Spirited Away Stage Play Reveals More Cast

Spirited Away Stage Play Reveals More Cast

The first stage play adaptation of Spirited Away is billed to premiere next year so regular updates are being revealed. The official website for the first stage play adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli‘s Spirited Away anime film has posted three new cast members.


The production will hold its worldwide premiere in Tokyo in February 2022 and will run until March. Performances are also confirmed for Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Nagoya later in the year.

It has been revealed that the play will run at Toho’s Imperial Theatre from February to March 2022, then tour to Osaka in April, Fukuoka in May, Sapporo in June, and Nagoya in June and July.

Spirited Away is one of Studio Ghibli’s most popular films. It earned both critical and financial success worldwide, going on to receive the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003.

First released in 2001, Spirited Away follows 10-year-old Chihiro Ogino, who finds herself trapped in a world full of spirits. In order to free her parents and go back to her life as a human, she works in a bathhouse with the help of a mysterious boy named Haku.


The newly added cast members are

  • Kenya Ōsumi as Aniyaku and Chihiro’s father
  • Sunao Yoshimura as Chichiyaku
  • Obata no Onīsan as Aogaeru
  • Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi as Chihiro
Kanna Hashimoto (L) and Mone Kamishiraishi (R) as Chihiro, sourced from Twitter

Previously announced cast members are Kotarō Daigo and Hiroki Miura as Haku, Koharu Sugawara and Tomohiko Tsujimoto as Kaonashi, Miyu Sakihi and Fu Hinami as Lin and Chihiro’s mother, Tomorrow, Taguchi and Satoshi Hashimoto as Kamaji, and Mari Natsuki and Romi Park as Yubaba and Zeniba.

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Tony and Olivier Award-winning director and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Honorary Associate Director John Caird (Les Misérables, Nicholas Nickleby, Daddy Long Legs) is writing and directing the production.

Spirited Away was the highest-grossing Japanese film worldwide until it was surpassed by Demon Slayer Mugen Train. However, Spirited Away is still the only non-English-language title to win the Academy Awards’ Best Animated Feature award, which it earned in 2003.

Sourced from Twitter

Won’t this be an awesome play?

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