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Sony Rolls Out PS5 Update, Enables SSD Integration

Sony Rolls Out PS5 Update, Enables SSD Integration

Sony has released the first beta update for the PlayStation 5 which includes a variety of new features and the ability to finally use the M.2 SSD slot. The beta is available to a select number of users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan.

Sony has a sign-up page on their website where anybody interested can go sign up and participate in the beta. Those lucky enough to be chosen will get an email that explains how to download the software.

SSD Expansion Enabled

After more than eight months since its release, Sony is finally enabling the internal SSD expansion for PlayStation 5 users. The test will allow Sony to determine which SSDs from particular manufacturers work best with the console. The expansion uses consumer-level NVMe M.2 SSDs, but there is no list of which drives are supported.

Instead, Sony has provided a list of specifications on its website that detail the requirements an M.2 SSD must meet. The company recommends an M.2 SSD that is PCle Gen 4 and has read speeds of 5,500MB/s or more. On that same page are instructions on how to install the drives which require you to remove one of the console’s side panels.

Keep in mind that since this is a beta, final specifications may change before the official software release. IGN made a list of recommended SSDs.

Console Improvements

The SSD update is the most noteworthy update in this recent patch, but other aspects are supported as well. The beta also includes 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers which can be turned on via the console’s system settings.

In addition to the audio change, Sony is also updating the Control Center, so now it’s customizable and gamers will be able to send and receive messages via the Game Base. Stepping up the social aspect, the “friends” section is updated to include the option to see when people are online and includes a better trophy tracker.

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The trophy tracker allows the player to see their progress as they work toward a trophy. The feature now allows up to five trophies per game to be tracked.

Smaller Updates

The entire list of updates on the PS5 can be found here, but some of the other key upgrades involve the social and security aspects of the console.

Firstly, players will be able to give a new type of accolade to teammates: Leader. This is reserved for a player who has shown exceptional skill in planning and strategizing plans.

Parental controls have been improved. Now when a child requests to play a game or communicate online, parents will receive notifications on their PlayStation App and can either accept or deny the request.

Moreover, players can test connections when playing on PlayStation Now and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

This July update is the second in a series of updates. The first major PS5 update was in April of this year. It allows users to store PS5 games on a USB, share gameplay across PS4 consoles, and for enhanced customization options.

Have you signed up for the open beta? What additional features are you hoping Sony implements? Give us your feedback.

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