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Shadowverse Flame Anime Reveals New Promo Video

Shadowverse Flame Anime Reveals New Promo Video

The official website for the television anime of Cygames, Inc.’s Shadowverse card battle smartphone game has begun streaming the second promotional video for Shadowverse Flame, the second anime in the franchise.

It has now been confirmed that the anime will air on April 2, 2022, on TV TOKYO.

Promo Video 2

The video reveals and previews the anime’s opening theme song “Shingan” (The Mind’s Eye) by Lanndo feat. Keina Suda, and also reveals new cast members. The site also reveals the ending theme song “My Turn” by Yui Ogura.

New Cast Additions

New cast members include

  • Showtaro Morikubo as Gentleman
  • Rarisa Tago Takeda as Ren Kazamatsuri
  • Miyu Tomita as Tsubasa Takanashi

The previously announced cast is made up of Yūto Uemura as Light Tenryū, Hibiku Yamamura as Itsuki Mitsutagawa, Kazuki Ura as Subaru Makabe, and Shiori Izawa as Dragnir.

Sourced from Twitter

Project Staff

Staff for the anime project includes

  • Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi

  • Deputy director: Naotaka Hayashi

  • Series composition: Rintaro Isaki, Deko Akao

  • Art director: Ponzu

  • Character draft: Gakuya Okada, Mikeboshi, Hesson, Onineko

  • Character design: Hiroki Harada

  • Supporting director: Daisuke Kitagawa

  • Sub-character design: Yasunari Nitta

  • Digital design: Tomoko Miyagawa

  • Prop design: Yoshinori Iwanaga

  • Color design: Naoko Sato, Nanae Shinji

  • Art director: Kaneshima Hama

  • Art setting: Mamio Ogawa

  • Monitor graphics: sankaku

  • 3DCG Director: Shinsuke Oshima (DEEN DIGITAL)

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  • Cinematography: Yuta Nakamura, Shigeki Asakawa, Asahiko Koshiyama

  • Editing: Daisuke Hiraki

  • Sound director: Satoki Iida

  • Music: Yoshihiro Ike

  • Sound production: Sonilude

  • Animation production: ZEXCS

About the Plot

The Shadowverse anime features a completely original story and features anime-only characters. The first season centers on Hiiro Ryūgasaki, a student at Tensei Academy. Through a strange incident, Hiiro obtains a mysterious smartphone. The smartphone has installed the popular digital card game, Shadowverse. Through the game, Hiiro meets rivals, participates in tournaments, and forms bonds with others.

Asumi Yoshino recently launched a new comedy manga based on the anime titled Shadowverse Flame Digifre Nikki (Digital Friend Diary) in Shogakukan‘s Coro Coro Comics magazine in November 2021.

Sourced from Twitter

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