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Rosaria Comes to “Genshin Impact”!

Rosaria Comes to “Genshin Impact”!

Genshin Impact‘s upcoming 4-star character, Rosaria, has already been teased in the previous storyline. There weren’t any leaks about Rosaria’s introduction in the game as a playable character within the next few weeks. However, character stats were data-mined from different sources by leakers.

Elemental Skill, Burst, and Talents

Rosaria is a polearm-wielding 4-Star character who deals Cryo elemental damage in Genshin Impact. She will be known as a nun of the Church of Favonious. Rosaria will have a maximum base ATK of 240 and an ascension stat of 24% ATK bonus at level 90.

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Normal Attack: Education Spear

She performs up to five consecutive strikes with her polearm, inflicting ever-increasing physical damage with each strike. Her charged attack will cost 25 stamina for a forward rush, dealing damage to opponents on her path.

Datamine Details –

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