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Release Date and Title for “Free: The Final Film” Have Been Determined

Release Date and Title for “Free: The Final Film” Have Been Determined

The swimming franchise, Free, has announced a two-part final anime movie. Kyoto Animation made this announcement during their live-streamed video for the eighth anniversary of its Free! franchise.

The release date and movie title were confirmed through a video that premiered on Kyoto Animation’s official YouTube channel. The all-new anime film is titled Free! The Final Stroke. The movie project will be a two-part film just like the new anime film for the Fate/Grand Order series.


The first part of the film in the franchise’s final chapter will open in Japan on September 17, and the second part will open in Japan on April 22, 2022. Free! The Final Stroke will be split into two parts, with Eisaku Kawanami returning to direct both films.

The project’s tagline is, “let’s go, to the stage of glory” and it has also been revealed that Nobunaga Shimazaki is returning as Haruka Nanase.

The official website of the Free franchise has since been updated with all necessary information.



This movie was initially planned for release in 2020, however, in August, Kyoto Animation announced that the highly anticipated movie was delayed until 2021. Their announcement sought to alleviate fans’ fears, reassuring them that the staff is working tirelessly to bring the movie to life. They attributed the postponement to various factors such as the Coronavirus pandemic and the postponement of the Olympics, as the anime film was intended to open with the Olympics.

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Tickets for the first part will be available in Japan starting May 28, 2021, and will cost ¥1,500 (about $13). Early ticket purchases will come with a limited-edition clear file and movie ticket card.

The most recent project from the Free franchise opened in 2019 and is titled Free! ~Road to the World~ Yume (Dream). It is expected to serve as an introduction to this final film.

Are you looking forward to seeing this film and the Free franchise wrapping up?

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