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Rankings for Top 11 “Bloodborne” Bosses

Rankings for Top 11 “Bloodborne” Bosses

Source: Bloodborne

Some people play video games. Others play Bloodborne. 

PSA: In this article, bosses are ranked by difficulty and there are tidbits included on how to conquer each boss as well. If you’d rather figure them out your way, by yourself, be my guest.

The 2015 Playstation 4 Game of the Year winner continues to captivate players long after its debut and during the age of COVID, more than a few gamers have turned to Bloodborne to let off some steam. As a player advances through Yharnam, the game’s plague-infested city, Lovecraftian creatures and monstrous beasts lurk behind every corner–and if you haven’t played the game yet, know that you will die. Over. And over again. 

Every Bloodborne boss is absolutely brutal but not impossible to defeat. Here are my top 11 Bloodborne bosses ranked from easiest to most frustrating so read on to learn about what to expect before you traverse this terrifying dreamscape:

11. The Witch of Hemwick

Source: Bloodborne

Given that you can find her, the Witch of Hemwick is the easiest boss to win. Deep in Hemwick Charnel Lane, the witch dwells in a decrepit barn and summons puppet monsters to murder you. 

Luckily, you don’t need to kill the monsters. Run around the boss’ stage, dodging attacks from the puppet monsters, and strike at the witch when she reveals herself. The witch herself doesn’t do any damage to the player so don’t worry about charging at her head-on. Simply rinse and repeat this process until she’s dead.

10. Father Gascoigne

Source: Bloodborne

Before you fight Father Gascoigne, acquire the Tiny Music Box. Without that item, the blood drunk Gascoigne is frustratingly difficult to hit effectively unless you’ve leveled up your “skill” stat.

With it, you can stun Gascoigne four times- three times when he’s a man and once after he’s entered beast mode. When you follow this strategy, you can decimate the boss in a matter of seconds.

9. Vicar Amelia

Source: Bloodborne

What makes Vicar Amelia very annoying is her auto-heal ability that kicks in when her health hits 50%. Equip numbing mist to solve that problem, then learn the pattern of dodging and striking until you’ve cut her down to zero.

8. Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Source: Bloodborne

Toward the end of the game, you might hear a baby crying from who knows where. This sound was, incidentally, echoing inside my brain as I bum-rushed Mergo’s Wet Nurse.

Mergo’s Wet Nurse is actually one of three possible end-of-game bosses but don’t panic. You can deal with this boss by going behind her and subsequently slamming her with arcane, fire, bolt, or poison weapons. And when that’s done, you’ll find it’s honestly surprising how easy she is to beat, compared to several other bosses on this list. 

7. Cleric Beast

Source: Bloodborne

I wish someone had told me that the Cleric Beast is an optional boss before I wasted a month trying to kill it with my squishy, level 10 starter character. The Cleric Beast is the first boss that newcomers can encounter in the game but that, by no means, makes it the easiest. As with most of the beasts in Bloodborne, the Cleric Beast can obliterate you in one or two strikes if you’re not careful.

To avoid immediate death, dodge behind the boss at every opportunity. Fire and serrated weapons bring the Beast to its knees so attack with Molotov cocktails and fire paper (this ignites fire on your weapon). 

6. Darkbeast Paarl

Source: Bloodborne

Have you ever played Pokémon and thought, “Man, I wish Pikachu is twenty feet tall and doesn’t have skin”? If you answered yes, then the Darkbeast Paarl is the boss fight for you!

Paarl is weak to fire so make sure to prepare plenty of fire paper and target his legs. If you can, dive under him and spin the hunter’s ax around until you land a few hits. He loses his spark when his legs and head are struck enough times. Take advantage of that window when he’s most vulnerable.

5. Martyr Logarius

Source: Bloodborne

Martyr Logarius, the optional boss that bears a striking resemblance to the Ice King from Adventure Time, goes heavy on arcane magic. He’s also one of the more aggressive Bloodborne bosses so running away won’t help you.

Instead, strategize your attacks to each of his three battle modes. Hit him hard when you can but keep your strikes brief or he’ll surely scoop you up and annihilate you.

4. The One Reborn

Source: Bloodborne

The One Reborn is undoubtedly the most repulsive-looking boss in Bloodborne. It’s impossible to kill the giant fetus composed of vomiting skeletons unless you first kill the Chime Maidens in the side structures. Climb the right-side stairs and knock em out one by one.

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After you’ve taken out the Chime Maidens, attack the boss with fire or bolt paper. Target its midsection and avoid getting drenched in goo (the goo hurts a lot). Repeat until it dies. 

3. Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Source: Bloodborne

Nobody likes spiders. You’ll like them even less after Rom. 

Rom spits out an army of baby spiders that take bites out of you when they get close. Never attack the baby spiders head-on but move as quickly as you can behind them to get in a one-hit kill. Employ the same strategy for Rom and dodge her attacks at appropriate interludes. Use lots of bolt paper.

2. Gehrman, the First Hunter

Source: Bloodborne

Gehrman is another possible final boss fight in the game and unless this is your second or third playthrough, I highly recommend you avoid it.

However, if you are saddled with the misfortune of fighting Gehrman, then know that patience is key. Stick close to Gehrman and try not to get caught in any of his deadly combo attacks. 

1. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Source: Bloodborne

It’s fitting that Micolash’s moniker is “Host of the Nightmare” because his misty boss arena is an absolute nightmare to navigate. 

Tiny skeletons and baby statues will wreck you if you idle anywhere too long so it’s best to just dodge right past them and jet up the stairs until you find Micolash. When you do come across him, dodge like crazy. He has a narrow attack range that stretches out far forward so dodge left or right to avoid getting skewered. 

This boss fight is incredibly vexing and fighting Micolash is only half the battle. Worse, he doesn’t have any special status weaknesses, so, you know, have fun. 

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