Military Moe Rank Quiz!!

Are you man enough to join the Military Moe Ranks?! Put your experience into the test and show us what you got!

What do you call these flying machines equipped by these witches?

1. Strike Equipments
2. Strike Units
3. Strike Divers
4. Strike Flyers

Who is this ship girl which is also known as the second vessel of the Akatsuki-class destroyers?

1. Hibiki
2. Fubuki
3. Amagiri
4. Akashi

What is Galil's nationality?

1. Israeli
2. Finnish
3. English
4. Irish

Musashi belongs to what class of battleship?

1. Ise-class
2. Tosa-class
3. Yamato-class
4. Fusou-class

This art of tank fights on which being excellent at is equal to a woman’s charm and prestige is called what?

1. kendo
2. shado
3. senshado
4. kyuudo

What do you call this tank used by Ooarai’s Hippo Team?

1. Panzer IV
2. StuGIII Ausf. F
3. M4 Shermann
4. Char B1-Bis

Historically, what kind of warship is Takao?

1. destroyer
2. armored cruiser
3. pocket battleship
4. heavy cruiser

What is the title of this anime?

1. Tales of Valkyria
2. Soranowoto
3. Yosuga no Sora
4. Youjo Senki

Finland is the real world equivalent of which country from Strike Witches?

1. Karlsland
2. Suomus
3. Liberion
4. Orussia

Ichiroku is known for her energetic personality but she's "getting tired fast"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). This is an analogy to her "three-round burst fire only capacity". As a firearm, she is known as______.

1. SIG SG 550
2. L85A1
3. AR-18
4. M16A4

All 10 questions completed!

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Military Moe Rank Quiz!!

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