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Presenting All “Battlefield 2042” Details and Features!

Presenting All “Battlefield 2042” Details and Features!

Battlefield 2042 is making some massive changes to play. DICE and EA are bringing Battlefield‘s brand of all-out-warfare to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and last generation consoles later this year, introducing a collection of improvements and alterations to the way that previous Battlefield games have worked.

Loadouts are changing, the player counts are larger than ever, and there are visiting real-time weather events that change the composition of the maps. It’s. Wild.

So here’s everything we know about Battlefield 2042 to date!

Campaign and Battle Royale

Battlefield 2042 will neither have a campaign (story) mode nor a Battle Royale mode. Instead, the game will solely concentrate on multiplayer mode.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, when asked about the dearth of single-player mode in Battlefield 2042, the design director Daniel Berlin had this to say – “If you look at the DNA of the studio, what we’ve been doing for so long, we just said you know what, we’re not going to have a traditional single-player campaign this time around, but we’re going to put all that emphasis and all those resources into building depth into the multiplayer. Because that is what we do best.

Game Modes in Battlefield 2042

Broken into three core playlists, 2042 boasts some distinct multiplayer options. Veterans of the series will feel right reception with some returning modes in All Out Warfare. Hazard Zone is ready to supply a high-stakes, squad-based alternative. All the while, a mysterious third component brings a current game type to the combo.

All Out Warfare: Conquest

The first returning mode confirmed for 2042 is none aside from Conquest. This fan favorite has been a staple within the franchise since its introduction almost 20 years ago. The easy, yet addicting, game type has teams battling for dominance over a variety of Control Points.

These Control Points are often scattered far away from each other, forcing players to focus their efforts on one objective at a time.

All Out Warfare: Breakthrough

The return of Breakthrough sees two teams – Attackers and Defenders – battle over larger-scale sectors because the Attackers push towards the ultimate objective. Each sector is meant to deal with a bigger number of players, enabling more strategic choices and more flanking opportunities.  Approach the capture areas from multiple locations and take advantage of more types of tactical possibilities.

Hazard Zone

As the second core multiplayer experience in 2042, Hazard Zone offers a more competitive approach to the explosive formula. This can be a wholly new game type for the franchise, one based around high-stakes, squad-based action.

It aims to supply a more modernized experience in contrast to the returning modes found in All Out Warfare. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly this looks like as 2042’s release draws near.


After weeks of speculation, Battlefield 2042’s final multiplayer mode was unveiled at EA Play Live. The new experience is none apart from Battlefield Portal, a resourceful project that permits players on any platform to make their own unique modes.

On the surface, Portal features a listing of simpler options that cater to quicker creations. However, Portal also comes with a way more intricate logic editor for those looking to fine-tune every element of their experience.

Through Portal, players are able to build around assets from four different Battlefield games. All 2042 content is offered, together with select maps, weapons, and vehicles from 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

New maps to the game

Battlefield 2042 maps are not only going to be massive but will also feature dynamic environments and level destruction. Set in locations around the globe, these extensively and intricately designed locales will provide the classic Battlefield gameplay experience at an unprecedented scale.


Set in a state-of-the-art metropolis, Kaleidoscope resembles Songdo in South Korea. Players can expect intense fighting on multiple tiers across the city alongside the plazas surrounding the iconic data center. The canals will make for some opportunities for amphibious warfare. Meanwhile, the ziplines between skyscrapers will allow for a smooth passage from one place to another.


Manifest is primarily in the form of a big shipping yard situated in Brani Island, Singapore– a vital location for US supply lines. Navigating through a maze-like pile of cargo containers means intense infantry fighting will go down here. Some ships are anchored by the docks and automated cranes will move some of the containers during the gameplay. Players will also have to be on the lookout for tropical tornadoes.


Set in Kourou in French Guiana, Orbital will go down as one of the most picturesque locales in Battlefield 2042. It is a medium-sized map housing a space center in the middle with a full-on rocket launch site. Players will battle against time and enemies with the rocket about to take off, but the launch won’t always go as planned. While doing so, they also have to be on the alert for any storms picking up.


Discarded lies in the coastal town of Alang on the west coast of India and contains a scrapyard of stranded ships being stripped for parts. According to jackfrags, who attended a press briefing event, a rogue nuclear asset makes this location of strategic importance to military forces.

There is a huge ship in the middle concealing a stealth submarine, making the area suitable for close-quarters engagements. Once again, players will have to adapt to the evolving levels with dangerous weather conditions.


Situated in the eastern desert of Egypt, Renewal stands out for its distinct appearance. A massive wall stretching across the map splits it into two areas, with the structure having gates. Groundbreaking agricultural technology has transformed one half into green farmland. The other half retains its barren landscape amidst an arid desert with tall canyons. This map will bring intense warfare to the table under extreme climate conditions.


Resembling a secluded city surrounded by desertification, Hourglass will take players to Doha, Qatar. It is one of the game’s bigger maps, featuring a neon cityscape to the east. On the other side is a stadium overrun by dust and sand. Meanwhile, massive arches in the center overlook a highway intersection with abandoned vehicles from a convoy.

Sandstorms sweeping across the map during the gameplay will impair the line of sight. Finally, with rolling sand dunes characteristic of Hourglass, players can expect large-scale vehicular combat too.

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Set in Queen Maud Land in Antarctica, Breakaway is Battlefield 2042’s biggest map, spanning 5.9 square kilometers. The extraction of oil reserves has turned this frozen tundra into a strategic hot spot. This map features explodable silos which leave behind debris fields and permanent fires.

The hilltop capture point of Overlook, reminiscent of the Damavand Peak map from Battlefield 3, will certainly be a highlight of Breakaway. Clusters of players will fight on a vast landscape consisting of mountain ranges and industrial facilities.

Moreover, Battlefield Portal also marks the return of six classic maps, all of which have been remastered for the latest hardware.

  • Battle of the Bulge (BF 1942)
  • El Alamein (BF 1942)
  • Arica Harbor (Bad Company 2)
  • Valparaiso (Bad Company 2)
  • Caspian Border (Battlefield 3)
  • Noshahr Canals (Battlefield 3)

Release Date

During the reveal trailer on June 9, EA confirmed that Battlefield 2042 is ready to release on October 22, 2021. For early access members, the game will be available on October 15.

With DICE developers and management at EA citing that they’re before schedule, it’s likely Battlefield 2042 will at least release on time.

Additionally, at the EA Play live event on July 22, EA confirmed that the 2042 Open Beta will occur in September. Confirm it’s marked on your calendar!

New Features

At E3 2021, players got a new look at all of the features that will be making their way into the title.

  • Grappling Hook – Appearing briefly in the trailer, looks to add more mobility for players.
  • Hot-swappable Attachments – This feature will be crucial to adapt and overcome what your opponents are bringing your way in a match.
  • Environmental physics and weather – Further developing the world players will be existing in, we got a look at giant sandstorms that engulfed the location shown in the gameplay trailer.


On July 14, it had been confirmed that crossplay is currently being built and tested for in Battlefield 2042.

The first taste of this crossplay functionality is going to be on display during an upcoming technical playtest. Players across PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 are experimenting with the feature for the primary time as it’s still in early development.

That’s the true potential of Battlefield 2042. It’s for the creative players, but it’s also for the viewers.

The new generation not only plays games but also consumes content about them at a ridiculous rate and can watch their favorite streamer for hours, devouring just one or two modes to download reception.

Or it’s some way for viewers — people who have never played Battlefield 2042 — to interact with a community purely through the thrill of watching the chaos unfold on YouTube and Twitch.

Let us know in the comments if you’re as pumped as us for the upcoming Battlefield game! Or tell us directly on our Discord server!

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